2014 Honda XR150L

Honda XR150L

Honda XR150L
Honda has launched a more powerful version of its popular and versatile XR farm workhorse.

The new Honda XR150L will replace the XR125L, and takes its best features with updates to create a package that combines rugged durability with low operating costs.

Honda’s XR150L will feature a new, larger capacity engine, which hosts a range of improvements. Its single cylinder has an increased stoke and while it makes more power, it is delivered lower in the rev range.

There’s also a new internal engine balancer which reduces vibration and will result in greater rider comfort during a hard day’s work on the farm.

Combined with the engine upgrades, Honda’s XR150L’s five-speed gearbox will deliver its hill-climbing torque more readily, resulting in both lower fuel consumption and emissions across its operational range.

The Honda XR150L is also equipped with an electric start and a backup kickstarter.

Honda XR150L

All-day rider comfort will be ensured by the redesigned seat and rubber covers on the footpegs, which can be removed for safe, non-slip riding when the terrain gets tough.

Fresh styling includes a new headlight design with protective shield; a new, higher front fender; a narrower and more comfortable fuel tank that has the same 12 litre capacity as the XR125L.

With a larger air cleaner and a sealed, maintenance-free battery, the XR150L requires less attention, with enhanced reliability and safety.

Ideal as a farm workhorse the Honda XR150L is available in Fighting Red with a Manufacturer’s List Price of $3,299.

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