Honda’s Number One ATV Celebration Sale Is Now On

Honda ATVs are number one^ as chosen by Australian farmers and to celebrate Honda is holding a Number 1 Celebration Sale.

Between now and June 30, 2012, purchase a Honda TRX420TM, TRX420FM, TRX420FA, TRX420FPA, TRX500FM, TRX500FPE, TRX500FA (excludes 2012), TRX500FPA, or a TRX680FA and receive $500 HondaDollars*. HondaDollars can be used in store at the time of purchase for accessories, servicing or off the purchase price.

Honda’s TRX range is recognised as the best in Australia and for good reason. Hard working, easy to maintain and handle and offering excellent value for money, Honda ATVs are designed for the rigours of our wide brown land. Rugged and durable, Honda ATVs also utilise some of the most revolutionary technology in the industry and are guaranteed to make every day easier.
With options such as Honda’s Electric Shift Program (ESP) and Electric Power Steering (EPS), there is a Honda ATV to suit every need.

Honda is also offering $200 HondaDollars with all CTX200/A purchased. This tough bushlander delivers on all the points that count.

Hurry into your Honda Dealer to celebrate with HondaDollars.

Offer available from now until June 30, 2012.
Honda’s ATVs – Built to Work
Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA

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  1. Well there is no doubt that you need a utility quad. I have owned Suzuki and Honda, and now own a Can-am Outlander 800. The Can-am is by far the superior choice. Pull anything you want, goes over rocks, stumps, trees, creeks, pretty much anywhere you want to go. As far as speed goes, I have seen on youtube, guys that are crazy enough, max the speedometer out at 90 mph. So I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding speed with the Can-am no matter what size you go with. They have 500cc 650cc or even 800cc like the one I have. Some say you don’t need that much power, but when my wife and I go riding, it’s nice to hit the throttle and the quad doesn’t even know you’re on it. It’s all about personal preference. Yes the Can-am’s do cost more than the rest, but you truly are getting a much better atv by far.

  2. Honda has the rep. I own and have owned a number of Hondas, and they are good bikes, well egineered, well-made, durable and sensible to work on. But right now, most of my bikes are dirt bikes or dual sports, and I find that most of them are Suzukis. I didn’t set out with the idea that Suzukis are better, it just turns out that they build bikes that suit my needs. They are also durable, well-finished and easy to work on. As a long-time BMW rider, I used to consider their bikes the best on the planet, and I could make a convincing case. I no longer think that is true, however. BMW makes excellent bikes, but the rest of the field has caught up; BMW’s current offerings are just expensive, without being any better.A company that builds very interesting, nicely-finished bikes is KTM. They haven’t yet come up with the bike of my dreams, but they have come close. If they did, I probably could not afford it.

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