If you take a look across our fine city of Sydney, around Australia even, you’ll notice the growing trend of people looking for inexpensive, convenient transportation options. People are turning to scooters and it’s not hard to see why. The humble scooter is cheap to run, easy to ride, fashionable and convenient. Though, did you know riding a scooter can also be a whole lot of fun?

The Sydney Scooter Expo lets you experience the scooter lifestyle first hand. A life changing form of transport that can be as much about saving time and money, as it is about feeling a sense of freedom. Scooters come in so many shapes and sizes, styles and colours, they’re as individual as you. The Sydney Scooter Expo becomes your connection to the scooter lifestyle.

If 2011 was anything to go by, this year we’ll see the largest gathering of scooters ever seen in Australia. The 2012 Sydney Scooter Expo will feature all the leading scooter manufacturers. Brands like Vespa, Piaggio and Honda will be there. Other leading manufacturers like Yamaha, TGB, SYM and Aprilia will also be present.

The 2012 Sydney Scooter Expo is being held at the Honda Australia Roadcraft Training facility (HART), St Ives. Just north of Sydney’s CBD, HART offers a unique location featuring its very own onsite test ride facility. Not only will you see every scooter imaginable on display, you’ll also be able to test ride your very own shortlist of favourites.* All in a safe, relaxed, supervised environment.

Bring the whole family and experience the scooter lifestyle, talk to the experts, have a bite to eat. Touch and feel the hundreds of scooters on display. Find out how to get a scooter licence, browse the latest in accessories. Learn how a scooter can change your life forever.

For further updates visit www.scootersales.com.au. See you at the 2012 Sydney Scooter Expo.

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