Triumph Releases 2013 Rocket III Roadster

2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster
In 2010, Triumph took the legendary Rocket III and applied a concentrated dose of attitude to create the Rocket III Roadster. With its footrests moved back to a mid-position and the seat shifted forward, the world’s largest capacity production motorcycle took on a whole new stance spearheaded by its twin headlight style that unleashed it into the muscle bike sector.

For 2013 the Rocket III Roadster is not only meaner looking than ever, it has even more torque!

As the performance of all motorcycles continues to improve, Triumph is now offering a full strength undiluted Rocket III Roadster. On all previous Rocket III models the massive 2,294cc engine’s huge torque has been electronically reduced in the first three gears, simply to prevent rider intimidation. But with the Rocket III Roadster’s performance credentials established, the time has come to raise the stakes even further, so the restriction has been lifted and the full torque and power are on tap from the moment the clutch is released.

The result is even stronger performance, a crisper, more responsive feel and a motorcycle which is totally effortless. Rapid overtaking is just a brush of the twist grip away, raw excitement depends only on your right wrist.

The styling has been made even meaner to match the performance hike with a change from chrome to black for a host of key components, making this the most brooding, hardest hitting Rocket III yet.

New Features
•More power and torque in the first three gears – 148PS (146bhp, 109kW) and 221Nm (163lb.ft, 22.5kgm).

•New black finished components on an extensive range of parts: •New radiator cowls to matt black from chrome

•ABS pulse rings to black

•Rear mudguard rails to black from chrome

•Air box cover to black from chrome

•Fork protectors to black from chrome

•Horn cover to black from chrome

•Headlight bowls and bezels to black chrome from chrome

•New tank badge, chrome with black text

•Mirrors to black from chrome

•New seat vinyl and stitching pattern
•New colours: •Metallic Phantom Black with twin red centre stripes

•Matt Phantom Black with twin white centre stripes

The Rocket III Roadster builds on the unique, torque-driven performance of the original Rocket III with a more upright and sportier riding position designed to help the rider attack the curves as this sweet handling chassis allows. The rigid frame and sophisticated suspension, comprising 43mm upside down forks and adjustable rear units, lets the Rocket III Roadster sweep through corners and change direction with an agility that belies its size and capacity. It’s a high specification machine with comprehensive instrumentation including fuel gauge, gear indicator and clock, ABS brakes as standard and those unmistakable twin headlights. Add all this to its lean, head-turning looks, the colossal engine and massive street presence, and you have a motorcycle that is absolutely unique, original and distinct from every other.

Accessories and Warranty
An extensive range of factory accessories is available for the Rocket III Roadster, designed to enhance both the style and the function of the bike, which comes with an unlimited mileage, two year factory warranty along with all other new Triumph motorcycles.

The 2013 Rocket III will be in Triumph stores from March 2013 at an unchanged price of just $20,990 + orc

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