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Blue Mallee Canvas Products

Blue Mallee Canvas ProductsBlue Mallee Canvas products were a ‘discovery’ at the recent 4WD Adventure Show with their range of quality canvas bags for tools, nappies, firewood etc.

Every once in a while you come across a product line that is simple, well made, quality made and a home based business. Blue Mallee Canvas products are just such products. I found them at the recent 4wd Adventure Show.

The canvas used ranges in weight from 10oz to 16oz. These are typical of the canvas that would normally be used for swags and horserugs. Basically the canvas is strong, durable, sturdy and it looks great! It comes in a range of colours – black, brown, green, red and purple.

There is a limited range of products but they are exceptionally well made, are extremely usefull and in chatting to them it seems that there is always stock available and if not you wont have to wait very long.

Products include tool bags, firewood bags, nappy bags, handy bags, stuff bags etc.

All the Blue Mallee products are designed and made by Vivienne and as a result it is possible for you to request modifications to the bags.

I’m always a strong supporter of these type of businesses as they are relaly wat the show is all about, a chance for businesses large and small to showcase their products to eager and eductaed buyers.

If you get a chance at one of the shows take a good look at Blue Mallee Canvas proiducts, they add a sense of style and quality to otherwise drab products.

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