Everything You Need To Know Regarding Airport Parking

File photo dated 02/01/08 of a plane coming in to land at Gatwick Airport, as the airport celebrates its 80th anniversary of its first flight.Airport parking can be quite the hassle when it comes to costs, and most of us want to refrain from it as much as we can. However, there will come instances when you don’t have a choice but to resort to airport parking. It is for those instances that we have come up with an informational guide that will let you know all about easy airport parking in Melbourne if you ever have to use it. These are the fundamental things that you should be aware of.

Airport parking come in different categories and each type has its own designated rates. The parking that are most frequently used are.

  1. Onsite parking

This is the kind of airport parking that is a property of the airport itself which means it is closest to the airport too. If there is a certain amount of distance, you most probably will be able to cover it by walking, and if not the airport will provide free shuttle facilities to and from the parking lot. Since this option is the closest to the airport, it will have a very high amount of security. However, it is the priciest option as well. We recommend you only use this option if you will be away for a day or two at the most because otherwise you will have quite the bill racked up.

  1. Offsite parking

Offsite parking is exactly what the name implies, it is not located within the premises of the airport but on the outskirts. Offsite parking usually falls under the control of the airport sometimes, but most of the time it is controlled through third parties. This is a much more affordable option than onsite parking, and usually very convenient too. You don’t have to worry about getting to the terminal, as there will be shuttles provided that operate on a schedules basis. If you are to be going on a trip for a longer period of time, you should be looking into offsite parking, as not only is it much more affordable but you don’t have to worry about security for your car as well.

  1. Meet and greet parking

This is essentially valet service for the airport. You will be required to drive your car to the entrance where the meet and greet driver will be meeting, to whom you will be handing over the keys and they will park the car some place away from the terminal. Upon your arrival, your car will be brought back to you at the exit. Since this is a more personalized service, there will be extra charges for it. You have to be highly cautious when you choose this company because you will be trusting your car with them. So make sure you do through research and read the reviews regarding the company. When it comes to meet and greet parking, they don’t provide that much coverage in the case of any types of accidents. Being safe most if the time, you should still be cautious and read the terms and conditions before you sign any type of an agreement.

  1. Local car parking

These are essentially parking lots that are on the airport premises and are for the use of the airport staff or the office staff near by the airport. Passengers are mostly allowed to use this on the payment of a certain fee which will be cheaper than airport parking. You can look into this option, but you should also keep in mind that these parking lots are not for the purpose of long term parking so they might not have the security you are looking for.

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