Honda Debuts The New Concept Integra Scooter

2012 Honda Integra 670cc scooter.
Uniquely combining the dynamic performance of a motorcycle with the ease of use of a scooter, Honda introduces the all-new Integra. This large capacity scooter will make its debut into the Australian market this month retailing at a competitive $10,990 (MLP).

At the heart of this new machine is a purpose-built engine and transmission package. The liquid-cooled, in-line 2-cylinder 670cc engine is a lightweight and compact unit positioned to give a low centre of gravity.

Honda’s innovative Dual Clutch Transmission offers the convenience and ease of use of an automatic transmission with the optional control of a manual mode should the rider choose it. The Integra offers strong torque at low to medium engine rpm, which is where riders spend the vast majority of their riding time, together with a very usable power delivery, low exhaust gas emissions and superb fuel efficiency.

The Integra features conventional motorcycle wheels and suspension, and a rigid tube steel diamond frame with geometry optimised to create a sense of excitement and complete control. Overall chassis stability is further enhanced by the Integra’s weight distribution which also ensures easy handling at all speeds, from stop-start city riding to high-speed highway cruising.

The Integra’s C-ABS system is equipped with both the easy control of a Combined Brake System and the extra reassurance of an Antilock Brake System. The CBS effectively balances front and rear braking control for smooth operation. At the same time, the ABS provides extra reassurance and the confidence to build skills in unexpected or extreme situations.

Despite its slim proportions, the Integra features a 15-litre under seat storage space large enough to hold a helmet or waterproof cover. The main fairing also offers a second, smaller storage compartment within easy reach of the seat, ideal for tickets, wallet or mobile phone.

As well as being practical and fun to ride, the Integra is a bold and original styling statement, fusing new forms, slick surface treatments and strong lines. It offers a high level of wind protection and a relaxed, comfortable riding position.

It’s a Honda and is truly a unique and desirable modern machine. Conceived to deliver an engaging riding experience, the Integra will be perfect for anyone looking for a practical, fuel efficient exciting commuter machine.

The 2012 Integra Scooter will be launched in Ion Blue Metallic and is available in Honda Dealerships nationally.

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