Honda Introduces The New CTX Series

2013 Honda CTX700
To add to the already exciting line-up planned for 2013, Honda has announced the introduction of the brand-new 2014 CTX series that will commence with four new models that will be available in Australia in mid 2013.

Designed to offer an innovative new concept motorcycle which will be fun to ride, offer excellent value for money and attention grabbing good looks, the series will feature the naked CTX700N and the faired CTX700 with DCT variants of each.

With CTX standing for Comfort, Technology and Excitement, this brand new series is the beginning of a new Honda family that will feature various displacements and engine configurations that will be rolled out in the future.

These first CTX machines will be powered by the NC700SA’s purpose built, parallel-twin engine and will focus on premium lightweight handling and excellent ergonomics making them ideal for all types of riding.

The sophisticated, liquid-cooled, SOHC, eight-valve engine pumps out abundant torque in the low-end and midrange for easily accessible power. An impressively broad torque curve gives the CTX700 series a linear and smooth power delivery while a relatively long engine stroke and a high-inertia crankshaft are design elements that add to the extremely tractable power.

Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) continuously monitors numerous variables to ensure the correct fuel mixture for existing riding and atmospheric conditions, thereby delivering optimal performance and remarkably crisp throttle response over a wide range of operating conditions.

A rigid and compact diamond-shape steel frame, low centre of gravity and plush suspension help make the CTX700 series responsive, agile and enjoyable over the long haul.

Designed specifically for enjoying the open road, the CTX700 will be the ideal travel partner for exploring the countryside either alone or two-up. Open, roomy ergonomics position the rider in a well-balanced seating position for all-day comfort and efficient fairing and a sizeable windscreen divert wind around the rider thus reducing fatigue.

Embodying the same characteristics as the faired version, the CTX700N with its naked styling will be a fun, friendly and comfortable motorcycle that is perfect for everyday rides and weekend trips.

The core principal of the new CTX series is to bring an enjoyable, comfortable and secure experience to riders of all sizes and experience levels. The CTX700 and CTX700N are available with Honda Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) labelled CTX700D and CTX700ND respectively. This second-generation, automatic six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission uses two hydraulically controlled clutches to deliver quick and smooth gear changes in a choice of three modes. The DCT variants will also feature an Antilock Braking System (ABS) to provide full antilock functionality for powerful and secure braking action.

Honda’s new CTX series will be available in mid 2013 and will sport two colour schemes, Candy Red and Black. More information on price and availability will follow in the coming months.

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