Honda’s Adventure Seeking Crosstourer Is Coming

2012 Honda VFR1200X CrosstourerOffering flexibility like no other motorcycle, Honda Australia is excited to announce the new VFR1200X, aptly known as the Crosstourer. The Crosstourer will deliver all the fun and excitement of a sports tourer with the comfortable upright riding position and manoeuvrability of an adventure machine.
Due for release in Australia in April 2012, the Crosstourer signifies an important expansion of Honda’s state-of-the-art V4 model line-up and with optional features such as Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission, the Crosstourer will be ready for any adventure.

It’s a Honda and is powered by a 1,237cc, V4 engine which has been installed for the first time in a Honda adventure sports touring motorcycle. The engine has been optimised for stronger low and medium rpm drive, delivering smooth power to make the Crosstourer feel effortless on long rides.

Boasting the option of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission, the Crosstourer is a supremely versatile motorcycle as seamless and smooth gear changes are ensured. Using two electronically controlled clutches, the system offers the choice of manual gear shifting and two fully automatic modes one for general use and another for high performance riding.

Chosen for its excellent weight to rigidity balance, the Crosstourer’s die-cast aluminium frame mounts long-travel suspension systems front and rear to deliver an engaging riding experience and a comfortable ride.

Designed to excel on a huge variety of road surfaces, the front and rear suspension systems both offer generous amounts of controlled, bump-absorbing travel. The rigid 43mm upside-down telescopic forks offer reassuring control with precise steering and stability, even during hard cornering and heavy braking. Meanwhile, the Pro-Link rear suspension configuration combines strong traction with ride quality. Both the front forks and rear shock are adjustable for both tension and preload, allowing riders to alter chassis characteristics to suit their riding style and intended usage.

Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS) and Combined ABS underline the new machine’s any-road, any-weather capability. The two ensure rider peace of mind, even in low-grip conditions.

Honda’s new Crosstourer has been designed with stylish functionality in mind; sharp edges accentuate its rugged adventure style while a non-bulky front gives a feeling of lightness and communicates refined sportiness.

The Crosstourer is a machine designed to give its rider the feeling that anything is possible: no journey is too long or too demanding and no road or surface impassable. The Crosstourer will surpass expectation when faced with any riding terrain and will respond to any riding style.

Available in Honda Dealerships nationally in April 2012, the Crosstourer will be available in two striking colours; Pearl Sunbeam White and Candy Prominence Red. Information on price will follow.

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  1. I own a Scarabo 50(2001) and a Scarabeo 250(brand new!). The Scarabeo 50 s are VERY reliable. Never had any real problems with it. Maintenance was easy enough to take care of myself, it got 65-70mpg and did 50mph easy(I’m 5’9 190 lbs.) Any parts I needed were easy to get from a website( I’ve never owned a Japanese bike before, but I do realize that parts would be easier to get as is finding a mechanic. If you can find a mechanic to work on the Aprilia(not that you’ll really need it), by all means, go for the Aprilia. They are very sharp looking, handle like a dream, and are quite powerful for a 50cc bike.

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