New Piaggios for 2013

Piaggio Beverley 350 Sport Touring
Piaggio Australia’s recent confirmation of the introduction of three exciting new models this year will see Beverley 350 Sport Touring, Yourban 300 and the all new X10 500 take their place in Piaggios comprehensive scooter line up in 2013.

Beverley 350 sports touring introduces a level of technology not available on mid range scoters including ABS and ARS standard. Additionally the sport touring based Beverly will come with the new midrange 350 motor representing higher performance from a light weight design which includes dry sump technology. Reliability also comes in for a big boost with the introduction of an all new multi disc wet clutch design in the CVT and new internal roller bearing design in the engine to reduce internal friction. Excellent fuel economy and extended service periods are also the result of these improvements

Yourban 300 is the next generation of the 3 wheeled MP3 platform and replaces the MP3 300. Yourban represents a new direction for the successful three wheeler range going away from the contemporary scooter look to more modern and edgy styling. The result is an eye catching design with a sharper, compact look. The inclusion of increased diameter rims on the front also add to the three wheelers aesthetics. Power from the industry leading Quasar motor will see the model retain its performance and reliability while the advantages of two front wheels for braking and road handling reinforce the practicality of the design. The front roll lock function is another popular feature retained on Yourban.

X10 500 – The development from ground up of the X10 takes the ‘Maxi’ concept to a new level and represents one of the most exciting introductions of a new model from Piaggio for some time. Destined to take the flagship mantle of the range, its modern sleek and attractive lines are the outcome of extensive wind tunnel testing while the hi specification list of features on the bike offers maximum functionality and safety including Dual ABS, ARS, Electro adjustable rear suspension, side stand actuated park brake, computerised dash with LCD screen and backlit controls on the handlebars. Immobiliser, USB port and three convenient storage systems including 52L under seat storage are also notable features.

Power comes from the proven twin spark master 500 engine which also features advanced EFI and liquid cooling.

All three models are built in Italy and scheduled to be released in the second half of the year. Colours and pricing are yet to be confirmed however Piaggio Australia has indicated all three will be price competitive, continuing a trend which saw the Piaggio Vespa range lead the market in 2012 with an impressive combined market share of close to 25%.

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