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Top tips from Jayco on how to amuse the kids on holidays.

It’s about this time of year that we realise how much we really need a break away from daily life to recharge our batteries. Unfortunately at times it becomes a struggle to keep the kids occupied. This can sometimes lead to frayed tempers, unwanted mischief and endless queries of “are we there yet?”

With that in mind, the family RV company, Jayco, provides handy tips for keeping the kids entertained while on your well deserved RV holiday.

Pack wisely. Kids love their creature comforts, so make sure you pack your RV full of the kids’favourite toys, bikes, DVDs and books. A great option is to choose an RV with extra storage, such as the Jayco Expanda, which enables you to fit all of their holiday gear with minimal fuss.
Surf the net before you hit the road. Research your holiday destination to find out whether the caravan site is ‘child-friendly.’ By spending a little time on Google, you can find out where all the playgrounds, cafes and activities are at your holiday destination.
Let the kids help. Don’t underestimate how much children can actually help you on your travels. Make them feel valued and important by asking to help you pack the RV, hold the map or cook dinner. Sometimes the simplest every day adult tasks are the most enjoyable for kids.
Hook up your gadgets. Just because you’re in an RV it doesn’t mean you have to forsake all technology (especially with kids on board). Most caravan sites have the option of electricity connections which will enable you to connect a TV, computer or microwave. Coast to Coast ( has a great range of products designed specifically for RVs.
Remember to take breaks. When on the road, remember to take pit-stops. Not only will this help you avoid dangerous driver fatigue but it will also give the kids a chance to stretch their legs and grab something to eat. A fifteen minute break can avoid hours of complaining.
The social network: During the summer holidays, caravan parks are choc-full of other families and their children. Introduce yourself to other parents at the park and bring your kids along, they will love meeting new friends to play with.

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