Triumph Motorcycles 2013 Rocket III Touring

2013 Triumph Rocket III Touring
The Rocket III Touring has always been much more than a Rocket III with bags and screen added. In fact the first 2007 Touring model shared only its front brake, mirrors and tail light with the Rocket III, along with the epic, 2.3 litre, three-cylinder engine, the rest was designed specifically for the touring cruiser role.

There was nothing like it then and there hasn’t been since. The combination of completely effortless, low-revving torque with a big hit of horsepower on demand, all delivered with a larger-than-life take on Triumph’s unique three-cylinder character, resulted in what for many riders was the ultimate in long distance style and muscle. What they went on to appreciate was the light and neutral handling and surprising ease with which the world’s biggest capacity production motorcycle could be hustled through turns, along with the high specification and sheer comfort for one or two people that the Rocket III Touring provided.

New Features

None of that has changed, nor was there any need. Instead, Triumph has enhanced the Rocket III Touring for 2013 with a package of extras designed to give touring riders even more as standard.

* Chrome engine dresser bars are now standard equipment, aiding protection of bike and rider while embellishing its looks. These also provide further scope for personalisation with highway pegs and additional lighting.

* A quick-release sissy bar is fitted for extra passenger security.

* The passenger backrest is standard equipment.

* The purpose-designed quick-release Triumph luggage rack is now standard on the Rocket III Touring.

* New colours with coach lines hand-painted by a former Meriden Triumph craftsman.

– Black and red with single coach line
– Black with twin, gold coach lines

The Rocket III Touring first appeared in 2007, powered by the unmatched and unmistakable 2,294cc liquid-cooled triple that made its debut in the 2004 model Rocket III. The huge torque output of 203Nm (20.7kgm, 150lb.ft) is perfect for a relaxed, low revving ride regardless of load or conditions, with or without a passenger, while the dependable shaft drive minimises maintenance.

The chassis has an exceptionally low centre of gravity, making the Rocket III Touring easy and unintimidating to manoeuvre, while the 16 inch wheels and 180 section rear tyre – narrower than the original Rocket III’s – provide a surprising level of agility without compromising stability.

Rocket III Touring unique features include a gel passenger seat and dual density, layered foam seat for the rider for exceptional all-day comfort. The quick-release screen is standard equipment, as are the capacious 36 litre panniers.

Accessories and Warranty

An extensive range of factory accessories is available for the Rocket III Touring, designed to enhance both the style and the function of the bike, which comes with an unlimited mileage, two year factory warranty along with all other new Triumph motorcycles.

Triumph’s Rocket III Touring model will be available in dealers from March 2013 at the price from just $23,990 for this powerful touring machine.

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