2011 Yamaha BeeWee 125

Yamaha BeeWee 125.Yamaha’s funky BeeWee 125 scooter has received a radical makeover turning from caterpillar to butterfly for 2011.

The new model benefits from Yamaha’s experience with 4-stroke single cylinder engines and combines performance and resilience in a stylish package.

Agile and responsive, this uniquely styled and attitude-filled BeeWee runs a 125cc fuel injected air-cooled engine to offer the power and punch necessary to negotiate the trickiest traffic. A host of other features make longer rides more comfortable, too. The large seat provides ample room for a pillion passenger, with a sturdy grab rail offering added comfort. And underseat storage is great for stowing essentials.

The agile BeeWee 125 tackles whatever the day throws at you: from tight, twisting back roads to busy urban high streets. Big, wide, all-terrain style 12inch tyres ensure you maintain a great connection with the road, whether it’s a potholed street or a wet gravel path. Great levels of balance, grip and ride comfort mean you can easily handle any weather and conditions. Off-road grade dual rear shock absorbers take you smoothly over the urban landscape.

The heavy-duty frame is built to withstand the demands of a daily commute in rush-hour traffic, and is matched with an extra-wide handlebar for great control and flexibility, making it easier to negotiate jams. A short wheelbase makes the BeeWee 125 exceptionally agile and simple to manoeuvre in tight city streets.

Yamaha BeeWee 125.

The masculine, rugged, good looks of the new BeeWee 125 – complete with heavy-duty exposed frame, dynamic dual headlights, striking graphics and a specially-designed logo – are the ideal complement to city living, whether commuting to work or enjoying a weekend ride with friends.

Extra design touches include an artfully designed instrument panel, which offers vital machine information at a glance, and ample underseat storage for a full-face helmet.

The BeeWee 125 has the power and performance to back up its rugged, urban looks. The 125cc, 4-stroke, fuel injected, air-cooled engine offers immediate acceleration whenever you turn the throttle, ensuring you have the power to overtake safely and pull away from the lights with confidence. Combined with the grippy tyres and easy handling, it creates the kind of riding character that was made for cities.

Electronic Fuel Injection reduces emissions and also makes the engine incredibly efficient, so it’s easier on your pocket, too.

Designed to be shared, the BeeWee 125 features a comfortable pillion seat for two-up riding. The power of the 125cc engine – plus the easy handling offered by the extra wide handlebars, short wheelbase, grippy tyres and offroad grade dual rear shock absorbers – mean that even with a passenger on the back, your journey will be smooth and simple.

And on top of this, Yamaha’s renowned engineering know-how keeps maintenance down to a minimum. You can trust the BeeWee 125 to take you anywhere you want to go – looking good, and on time.

The BeeWee 125 is available in Avalanche White and Midnight Black priced at a reasonable $3399 RRP inc GST.

Key features for BeeWee 125:

•New, rugged 125cc city commuter

•Unique design includes exposed frame

•Fun, sporty styling

•Clean and efficient air cooled, 125cc, 4-stroke engine

•Electronic fuel injection

•Lightweight chassis for agile, responsive handling

•Grippy, all-terrain style 12inch tyres

•Dual rear shock absorbers designed to cope with even the toughest roads

•Dual headlights for secure road presence

•Space for rider plus passenger

•Underseat storage accommodates a full face helmet

•Stylish, easy-to-read instrument panel