OzRoamer publications is always after quality RV and Travel related articles to feature in our E-Newsletter.If you are interested in writing4us then email the Editor on 

Are you a Manufacturer, Tour Operator or Retail Outlet?
We do not pay for contributions, rather we offer the opportunity for Businesses and professionals in the Recreational Vehicle industry to feature their talents and expertise. All submitted articles remain the property of the author (unless otherwise agreed to) and will feature full contact details. This is a great way for you to promote your abilities and get some FREE publicity.

Are you a Magazine Subscriber with an interest or travel story?
We also welcome articles from the general public. If you had just completed a great adventure or trip and want to tell us about it, we’d welcome your contribution. Its the best way of sharing information about places to see, what to expect and what to avoid.

We do not pay for contributions, rather we offer the opportunity for you to share your adventures or ideas with other readers. All submitted articles remain the property of the author (unless otherwise agreed to)

What sort of articles do we want?
Generally we are after articles that educate and promote the Recreational Vehicle, Travel and associated industry. They can be about …

your area of expertise
about a particular region you operate in
an adventure or trip you had recently completed
tips and advice
news and announcements
something different!
Club & Associations are welcome
Clubs and association members are welcome to submit articles and stories. Tell us about your club, what you do, where you operate, what tips you have about your activities. Don’t forget, Clubs & Associations can post upcoming events in our Events Calender when completed.

And remember, pictures tell a thousand words!
What size article?
We would like from 500-1,500 words. We also require you tell us a bit about yourself. A brief biography containing…
Who you are
Your qualifications or level of experience.
Club or Association details (if applicable)
Your Business contact details if applicable
How do we want to receive your article?

Please email your articles to us in the following format.

We would prefer you email us your articles in electronic format as a MS Word document. If you have any images please save them in a JPG or Tif format in low resolution (72dpi) and email us at 

What Travel and Recreational Vehicles do we cover?
If you consider it Travel and Recreational, we’ll consider your article. But generally we are after articles from the following categories…

Product tips and reviews
Travel and Touring Tips
Adventure trips
Places to Go and Stay
Tips for camp set up etc
Fishing & Fishing Tips
Accessories and equipment
Camp Cooking
4wd tips and trips
Group activities
Association news
Go on, spread your knowledge!

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