Project Pajero Bridgestone Dueler AT D697 LT tyres 2

Best All Terrain Tyres for my 4WD

All Terrain (AT) tyres are a compromise, as are all tyres. These are the most popular tyres for 4WD vehicles because they provide the ruggedness required for general off road duties, while providing acceptable daily use qualities for the normal black top driving. […]

Kumho Roadventure KL51 SUV Tyres Guaranteed To Go The Distance

Kumho SUV Tyres Guaranteed To 80,000km

Kumho is guaranteeing that its Roadventure KL51 range will last at least 80 000kilometres, or your money back on the lost kilometres. “To promise 80 000 kilometres from tyres is a big claim but Kumho is so confident in the Roadventure KL51 we have done just that,” said David Basha. […]