Innovan Slide On Camper
Ute Back & Slide on Camper

Innovan Slide on Camper Review

The Innovan slide on camper tends towards the elaborate with its almost space pod design. Made from one piece moulded GRP Composite Roof, Base & Furniture the Innovan slide on camper is both form and function rolled into one design. […]

Ute Mate Slide on Camper OzRoame web

Ute Mate Slide on Camper Review

There are any number of Ute Canopy manufacturers throughout the country. The trick if finding one that does a good job and has something different about them. Well we found one such manufacturer – Ute Mate, in Mackay QLD of all places […]

2013 Carry me Camper Corroboree
Activities & Things to Do

Carry me Camper 2013 Corroboree

Candy Canvas the manufacturer of Carry Me Camper slide on camper has had their 11th owner Corroboree at Noorama in QLD. Owners travelled from as far as Kalgoorlie in WA and Tasmania to attend. Over the weekend $1100 was raised for the Royal Flying Doctor and Ronald McDonald House. […]

3Dog Deefer Slide On Camper
Ute Back & Slide on Camper

3 Dog Camping DEEFA Slide On Camper Review

3 Dog Camping have ramped up their production of this year’s hit product, the Ute Back Camper, also known as the DEEFA. Its light, saving you fuel, floats up and Down with precision and ease using clever engineering, which saves you time, and is custom fitted into your Ute tray, leaving your tow bar free for the boat or trailer. […]