Innovan Slide on Camper Review

Innovan Slide On Camper
The slide on camper market has a broad spectrum of styles and designs from the simple to the elaborate. The Innovan slide on camper tends towards the elaborate with its almost space pod design. Made from one piece moulded GRP Composite Roof, Base & Furniture the Innovan slide on camper is both form and function rolled into one design.

The Innovan is certainly a different looking and functioning slide on camper and while it is fairly heavy at around 700kg you get a lot of innovation built in that translates to ease of use. So easy and convenient is the Innovan system, that it takes only seconds and one single movement to change from an attractive, streamlined compartment, with a height only 1.5 metres above the floor to an enclosed living space with solid walls and a ceiling close to 3 metres high (higher than most house ceilings).

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