Project Pajero KORR Lights
Power, Lighting & Electrics

Project Pajero KORR Driving lights

As we have mentioned previously the standard headlights on Project Pajero leave a LOT to be desired. In short they were pathetic. So we looked around at driving lights. Wanting to do something a little different we decided on some LED ‘Bricks’ from KORR Lighting […]

Avida Sapphire Multi Terrain front side
Caravans & 5th Wheelers

Avida Sapphire CV6624L Multi Terrain Caravan Review

For those of you who are familiar with high quality caravans you should add the name Avida and we recently had the opportunity to try one out for two weeks in Tasmania. The test model was the Avida Sapphire CV6624L with the Multi Terrain tandem axle Alko leaf suspension. […]

Innovan Slide On Camper
Ute Back & Slide on Camper

Innovan Slide on Camper Review

The Innovan slide on camper tends towards the elaborate with its almost space pod design. Made from one piece moulded GRP Composite Roof, Base & Furniture the Innovan slide on camper is both form and function rolled into one design. […]

2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition ext grill

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Model Review

Jeep has been producing the legendary Wrangler for ,well let’s say, a few years now. Now ten years down the track the Rubicon is still one of the most capable production 4WD vehicles on the planet. The Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition is limited to just 30 vehicles for Australia. […]

Trayon TMO Gen 3 directory
Camper Trailers

Trayon TMO Gen 111 Camper Trailer Review

The Trayon TMO Gen 3 is two trailers in one. It allows buyers who don’t have a Ute to take advantage of the Trayon Slide on Camper system and provides a very handy flat deck trailer as well. This camper Trailer is unique at the moment

Ute Mate Slide on Camper OzRoame web

Ute Mate Slide on Camper Review

There are any number of Ute Canopy manufacturers throughout the country. The trick if finding one that does a good job and has something different about them. Well we found one such manufacturer – Ute Mate, in Mackay QLD of all places […]