2012 Trakka Trakkadu from Suburbs to the Bush

2012 Trakka Trakkadu AWD
The 2012 TrakkaTrakkadu is a rare dual purpose vehicle ideally suited for everyday driving as well as holiday touring. Trakka’s Trakkadu AWD vehicle comes with optional all terrain or off road capabilities. The Trakkadu is priced from $75,500 drive away in NSW.

Australia’s award winning motorhome and campervan manufacturer, Trakka, has released the Trakkadu in 103kW and 132kW models with optional All Terrain (AT) or Off Road Pak (ORP) packages available for additional off road performance.
Martin Poate, General Manager of Trakka, says that the Trakkadu is ideal for short trips away or for the iconic big trip around Australia.

2012 Trakka Trakkadu AWD BED

“The Trakkadu is compact to use as a day-to-day car as it fits easily into parking spaces at the shops,” Mr Poate explained.
“But the beauty of the Trakkadu is that it is always ready for a trip away. There is ample storage space and a multi-position sliding bed/seat at the rear with ADR approved seating for two additional passengers if you decide to travel with friends.”

“The Trakkadu features a low profile elevating roof which provides an open living area within and great ventilation.”

“We have designed a gas strut assisted lift roof, which is easy and light to raise and provides a roomy interior.”

“By swivelling the two front seats and erecting the indoor/outdoor table, you can enjoy an open living and dining area,” Mr Poate explained.

2012 Trakka Trakkadu AWD dash

The Trakkadu is self contained with the kitchen boasting the latest diesel-powered cooktop with an elegant ceramic surface and a stainless steel sink, so you can stop and stay or pick up and move anytime.

“The weekly grocery shop is easy and convenient in a Trakkadu, with the handy inclusion of a fridge/freezer for quick refrigeration of cold items.” “It is also reassuring to have fresh water on board the Trakkadu. It gives you the peace of mind that you can travel to even remote locations with living essentials still at hand,” Mr Poate explained.

A deep cycle AGM house battery keeps the accessories on line and a solar charging system can be added as an option to boost the power supply.

A Trakka designed Electronics control system monitors two batteries, water tank levels, temperature and control circuits so travellers are aware of the campervan efficiencies at the touch of a button.

Based on the Volkswagen T5, the Trakkadu’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive model allows the campervan to be more sure-footed over slippery or rough terrain. “The 4Motion system provides extra reserves of traction and gives a reassuring sense of safety, even in adverse weather conditions or on treacherous road surfaces,” Mr Poate explained.

The Trakkadu comes in a 103kW turbocharged diesel engine or 132kW twin turbocharged diesel engine. Both options deliver high torque output to provide a smooth and responsive drive. 6-speed manual or 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) automatic transmissions are available for both models with the ORP offering a low ratio gearbox and larger All Terrain tyres for improved all wheel drive.

Like all Trakka models, the Trakkadu is engineered and constructed in Trakka’s production facility at Mt Kuring-gai which utilises precise 3D CAD design, the highest quality materials and world-class build technologies.