6 tips that will keep you safe when backpacking

keeping safe while backpackingWhen it comes to backpacking, the main concern travellers have is their safety. No one wants to have all their belongings stolen on the first day they arrive at their destination or wind up in a dangerous situation at a local bar – the last thing you want on your trip is to end up feeling vulnerable. It’s enough to completely derail your adventure and could make you want to head home.

However, with some careful planning and taking on some practical advice, you’ll be able to keep yourself safe whilst on the other side of the world and, most importantly, enjoy your trip even more. Read on for 6 tips that will keep you safe when backpacking.

Don’t make yourself a target

You might have invested in a great camera so you can take some epic pictures whilst abroad, however that flashy device with the thick strap and logo on it might draw some unwanted attention. You can keep yourself safe by not allowing yourself to be an easy target, so swap those flashy camera straps for something inconspicuous – click here for camera straps for sale in Australia – and try not to flash your wealth or tech around. Don’t take out huge wads of cash and avoid keeping your wallet and passport in an open pocket that could be easily picked.

Learn a little lingo

You don’t need to immerse yourself in a three-year course and learn the local language off by heart but learning a few key phrases can help keep you safe and also enrich your travelling experience. Learn how to ask for help, or for medical assistance. Ask for directions or learn key phrases that will help you communicate with doctors or even the police. You’ll feel more confident in certain scenarios too.

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Research is key

Of course, we all want to enjoy a little spontaneity when we travel, however, it’s always recommended that travellers engage in a little research about their destination first. Find out if public transport is safe for tourists and if there are any places visitors you should avoid. What about local scams? Or is there a certain bar or area that isn’t safe.

Withdraw money in banks

Heading to an ATM sounds simple and is highly convenient. However, using an ATM abroad means you could be risking having your bank card cloned or manipulated in some way. The last thing you want is to be financing someone else’s lifestyle! Opt to withdraw money from your account inside the bank instead.

Enjoy nightlife, safely.

When experiencing nightlife abroad, staying safe is simple. All you need to do is apply the same common sense as you would if you were out back at home. Never leave your drink unattended, stick close to your friends, go to the bathroom in groups and avoid walking back to your accommodation alone. Stick together and if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, leave!

Don’t get (too) drunk

Of course, you want to enjoy yourself, but you also need to be sensible and keep your wits about you. Getting blind-drunk in a foreign place isn’t smart. So, don’t feel obliged to keep up with the rest of your drinking buddies, drink at your own pace and when you start to feel tipsy – stop!