AC-PRO VORTEX Air Compressor

AC-PRO VTX200 Air Compressor
Recreational off roaders using large tyres will be impressed by AC-PRO’s all new portable Vortex air compressor (P/No. VTX200).

The Vortex is the largest in the range and provides ultra-rapid inflation, allowing it to re-inflate a 33 inch tyre from 15-30PSI in a lightening fast 1.15 minutes, ultimately reducing downtime and allowing more time on the tracks.

Operating at 160 litres per minute, the 12V 150PSI air compressor ensures tyres – no matter how large – are re-inflated quickly and easily.

Built for the harshest off-road conditions, the compressor features a tough all metal heavy duty construction and utilises stainless steel valves and sealed bearings making it ultra- reliable. A quick access and easy-clean air filter is also standard, offering peace of mind in dusty off-road environments.

Protecting its powerful 600W motor from overheating is an auto-reset thermal overload switch, which ensures the compressor doesn’t falter while off the beaten track, no matter how hard it’s asked to work.

The Vortex air compressor comes complete with heavy duty battery clips, a 2.4 metre cable and a heavy duty eight metre hose with a secure-fit valve attachment.

A very handy in-line tyre pressure gauge is also included with the compressor, featuring a convenient deflator button for quick and easy deflation and tyre pressure correction.

Often four wheel drivers encounter sandy or muddy conditions, so to prevent the Vortex air compressor from burying itself in sand or mud when in use, a convenient sand tray has been fitted to the base.

For added convenience, the compressor and all its fittings pack neatly into the supplied durable carry bag allowing quick and easy stowage.

AC-PRO Vortex air compressors are available from automotive, transport and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia, retailing for $199.00.