Arc-imoto FUV Evergreen blurrs the lines of Fun Utility Vehicle

It’s a bike. It’s a car. No it’s a FUV

We’ve all heard of a SUV. But what about a FUV?

An American manufacturer is blurring the lines between bikes and cars with a machine it calls the FUV, or Fun Utility Vehicle – and it should be available in Australia in the near future.

The Arc-imoto FUV Evergreen has two wheels upfront and one at the back.

It looks like an oversized tricycle with a roof — complete with a windscreen and a small luggage area.

There are handle-bars — complete with heated handgrips — rather than a steering wheel.

Instead of a petrol engine the FUV uses two electric motors for propulsion and has a claimed top speed of 121km/h.

The maker says the Arcimoto will travel about 160km before requiring a four-hour charge. The batteries sit under the seats, helping keep the centre of gravity low.

Arcimoto has even created a version called the Deliverator, which ditches the rear seat for a large box designed to carry “a wide array of products, from parcels to pizza, groceries to dry cleaning”.

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