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The supernatural can be intriguing and terrifying, yet it serves as the backbone of the spooky tales that captivate horror film lovers. “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” is a 2016 American movie that centered on the controversial dealings of a family with an Ouija board, following the death of the patriarch, Roger.

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Director and editor Mike Flanagan, a renowned horror film expert, created an unforgettable experience for viewers in this epic production. If you love delving into the eerie and look forward to staying in dreadful suspense as events unfold, then this is a must-watch. And when you need a break from the spooky, take a few minutes to chill out with some amazing offers at the Ozwin Casino before you head back to the movie.

Setting the Stage

The story unfolds in the year 1967 in the city of Los Angeles. Here, we are introduced to the Zander family, consisting of the recently widowed Alice, and her two daughters, 15-year-old Lina and 9-year-old Doris. Alice Zander, portrayed by Elizabeth Reaser, earns her livelihood as a spiritual medium.

They reside in a quiet suburban home, seemingly ordinary on the surface but soon to be the stage for supernatural events. These events take place when Alice decides to bring an Ouija board into her business, setting up the stage for a series of events that introduce Marcus, a malevolent spirit.

To further complicate matters, the Zander family is in distress as their home faces foreclosure. Desperate for a solution, they turn to the Ouija board for assistance, hoping to contact their father, who they believe will help save their home.

True to their belief, Doris succeeds in summoning what she believes is her father’s spirit. This spirit directs her to go to a wall in the basement, where she finds a stash of cash. Delighted, she hands over the money to her mother, further cementing the family’s belief that, indeed, Roger is communicating with them.

Doris’ Possession

Now that Doris firmly believes she’s communicating with her father, she becomes possessed when she connects with a malevolent spirit named Marcus. This sets the stage for dark and sinister events that plague the family as Doris becomes completely possessed by Marcus.

Tragedy follows soon when Doris kills Lina’s boyfriend, Mikey when he visits them at home. Later on, Lina finds that Doris can write Polish fluently, yet she doesn’t know the language. Concerned, she confides in her school principal, Father Tom Hogan.

Tom is perplexed and decides to visit the family at home and take part in an Ouija session. Later, he’s also possessed after revealing that Marcus is the spirit of a World War 2 captive who was held by a cruel doctor who conducted nasty experiments on him in the home’s basement. It turns out that these spirits have been present in the basement, watching the family’s every move.

Doris strikes again when she kills Father Tom after he discovers the secret room that held the captives. Lina is now very concerned and decides to sew Lina’s mouth so she can shout out the spirits, Unfortunately, Doris dies in the process.

Lina now becomes possessed and eventually kills Alice, her mother. Alice, though, is compassionate towards her daughter and lets her know that it’s not her fault, before taking her last breath. This event torments Lina, and she ends up in a mental institution.

Beliefs Surrounding the Ouija Board and Their Role in the Movie’s Success

The movie’s success is undoubtedly related to widely held superstitions that exist about the Ouija board. Here are some factors that propelled the movie into a favorite in the horror genre.

Cultural Fascination with the Occult and the Paranormal

The movie is set in the 1960s, a time when there was marked interest in mysticism,  the occult, and the paranormal. Viewers who could relate to that era still carried the fascination and formed part of the audience that received the film with excitement.

Ouija Board Reputation as a Gateway to the Spirit World

The Ouija has, for a long time, been regarded as a direct link to the world of spirits. The board’s perception as a powerful tool stems from various viewpoints, including:

Contact with the Dead

The death of beloved family members is never easy to accept, and people all over the world are fascinated by the thought of talking with their deceased loved ones. People see the Oiuja board as a solution for reconnecting with those who have died, for closure, and as a source of solace for the grieving.

Thirst for Hidden Knowledge

Past and present generations share one thing in common: a desire to acquire hidden knowledge. The obsession with the unknown added an element of mystery to the movie, making it a magnet for individuals hoping to find answers to life’s mysteries.

Validation of the Afterlife

The Ouija board has been a reference factor for individuals determined to seek evidence of the afterlife. Just like in the movie, many have turned to the board, and perceived connection with prominent figures from the past and deceased loved ones further cements the belief in the afterlife.

Lessons Learnt

Viewers can draw valuable lessons from the characters and events that took place in the movie.

  • The Power of Belief: Human belief knows no boundaries and many times has the power to bring real and terrifying consequences.
  • The Dangers of the Unknown: The Zander family opens a Pandora’s box when they turn to the Ouija board for direction. The board brings misfortune and shutters a family that was once tightly knit.
  • The Perils of Deception: From the movie, problems begin when Doris perceives the spirit of Marcus to be her father’s spirit. She ends up killing multiple people, eventually losing her own life.

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” is a movie that terrifies while intriguing viewers, challenging them to confront their beliefs, question the boundaries of reality, and ponder the consequences of exploring the supernatural. It stands as an ode to the allure of horror as a terrific genre and its ability to engage and provoke thought.