Charge an Auxiliary Battery from Projecta

Further expanding the already impressive range of battery chargers on offer from Projecta is the all new DC to DC three stage battery charger. Utilising the vehicle’s power it delivers a three stage charge to an auxiliary battery making it ideal for charging deep cycle batteries commonly used in caravans, trucks, motor homes and 4WD’s.

The DC20 does away with voltage drop issues frequently experienced as a result of lengthy cable runs from the starting battery to the auxiliary battery. Using the power generated from the vehicle’s alternator, the DC20 steps up the voltage and uses switchmode charging technology to deliver a full three stage charge. Typically the vehicle alternator produces 13.8V which is insufficient for charging deep cycle batteries but with the DC/DC charger this is stepped up to 14.4V as part of the three stage charging process.

The three stages of charge include an initial ‘Bulk Charge’ pushing maximum output current up to 14.4V to deliver a fast maximum charge. The next stage, ‘Absorption’ ensures the battery receives a full charge but protects it from overcharging, while the final charge, referred to as ‘Float’ maintains the battery at 100% charge.

Suitable for most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, GEL and AGM, the DC20 three stage 12V to 12V 20Amp charging maximises battery performance ensuring you get the most from the battery. Importantly, batteries used regularly with a three stage charger will last longer, reducing expensive and early replacement costs.

Easy to install the new charger is just 260 x 190 x 82 in size, weighs 2.2kg and the weatherproof housing incorporates convenient flanges for permanent mounting as close to the auxiliary battery as possible. The unit is ignition controlled to overcome draining the vehicle’s starting battery and the wiring up process is simple, requiring a minimum of 6mm automotive cable from the starting battery to the DC20 and then a short length of 6mm cables from the DC20 to the auxiliary battery.

Available from leading automotive, transport and 4WD outlets the new Projecta DC20 Three Stage Charger has a recommended retail price of $319.00.