Choosing a Corporate Event Venue

Corporate events have become commonplace, a great way to bring industry professionals together from one company or several. The key to pulling off a memorable corporate event is having the right space to accommodate it all.

corporate event

There are more than a few event venues in Sydney out there and finding a truly great one can feel like a major task. Using these helpful suggestions, your next corporate event can wind up being your best one in ages.

Sound is critical

When you are planning an event, especially a corporate event, there’s a pretty good chance that speakers will be a part of it all. When you start the process of finding an event space, make sure that it can accommodate from an acoustics standpoint. The last thing you need is severe echoing to make it impossible to hear what speakers are saying.

On top of that, the best event venues will have some kind of audio-visual setup as well. Don’t lug any equipment that you have – if you even have any – and create additional hassles. Look for venues that can make hosting speakers and presenters easier. It can be a deciding factor in helping the event at large go off without a hitch.

But so is accessibility

It shouldn’t be difficult for guests to get to the event. There are some who won’t be bothered in the least, skipping the entire event rather than deal with hassles of any kinds. When you start to make up the guest list, think about everyone coming. Include the different guests, sponsors, attendees, and staff that will be at the event.

Many of the event venues that you will consider take all of those things into account beforehand. When you check out each of the venues, talk with the venue rep so that they can show you how each area works and how accessible it is to those attending. Every part of the event should be convenient for those in attendance. Even if other things go off without a hitch, no one will remember it. Instead, all you will hear about is how difficult getting there was.

Know the fees

Far too many event planners make assumptions about fees. Save yourself the trouble and talk to the venue about these fees up front. Don’t assume that certain amenities are included with the fees, or you could wind up facing a shocking bill when all is said and done.

Discuss fees with the venue during the scouting process. Know what kind of things will be included in the fee you are paying and use it to compare corporate event venues. There are plenty of venues that provide bang for the buck, and you can wind up taking care of several needs all in one neat package.

Keep transportation in mind

Holding a corporate event of any kind likely means having guests from out of town. There are probably going to be guests coming in from out of town and they won’t have their own vehicles. To compensate – and to make things more convenient for eventgoers – you need to have a location that is suitable for other transportation options.

Whether people come in by train, cab, Uber, or bus, there needs to be ease of accessibility for transportation. Even if eventgoers don’t typically use transportation, picking a venue in the right spot can make them feel comfortable with that option. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable attending the event. Take the extra step to find a location that can make getting there a lot easier on the guests.