Digital Nomads travelling need to Understand the Essential Terminology

For digital nomads one way to earn money while travelling is playing casino games. Its risky but a few nomads manage to be successful at it.

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To do so digital nomads need this guide to Understanding the Essential Terminology for Online Casino Games for Online Casino Games

The world of online casinos is an exciting and entertaining one. However, understanding the jargon can be intimidating for players and digital nomads who are just starting out. Misunderstanding key terms can affect player experiences and result in them making suboptimal betting decisions.

While new players are more at risk of misunderstanding, many veteran players could also stand to benefit from a refresher course on the lingo. That’s why, when playing at reliable online casinos accepting New Zealand Dollars it is important to familiarise yourself. With the essential terminology for online casino games. Continue reading to learn about the most popularly used terminology on online casino sites.

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Terminology for Digital Nomads


To start off this list, one of the most important terms in the online casino world is “bankroll”. Your personal bankroll is the amount of money, large or small, that you have dedicated specifically to your gambling activities. It can refer to funds set aside for gambling over a period of time or for a given session. A closely related term is bankroll management. In layman’s terms, bankroll management essentially translates to budgeting. It is the process of calculating your funds for gambling and balancing this amount with the other expenses that occur in your daily life.


While bankroll is the overall amount set aside for your gambling activities. The “stake” is the amount of money you wager on a single bet. The two terms are interconnected as your bankroll will determine how high of a bet you are willing to make. There are other factors that influence the amount you stake. Such as whether you plan to spread your bankroll out over many bets or just a few as well as the level of risk you feel comfortable playing at. The stake is an important figure as, generally speaking. A high stake can lead to higher potential wins while a lower stake is not as potentially fruitful but it comes with lower risk.


The term “multiplier” is derived from the basic maths term, “multiplication”. Knowing this alludes to the significance of a multiplier when playing online casino games. Essentially, it is a tool that multiplies any winnings you have made by a certain, pre-fixed factor. An example of this is that a player’s winnings of £100 become £200 when an x2 multiplier is used.

Betting Limit

The term “betting limit” can be an upper or lower limit placed on the amount of money that can be wagered on a singular bet. A betting limit can be pre-fixed by the online casino operator or it can be a personal one. Before placing your bet at an online casino, check there is no betting limit. This may prevent you from placing the bet that you want to make.

Shifting the focus to personal betting limits, these are a pillar of responsible gambling strategies. Set your own betting limits and strictly abide by them. It is your personal betting limits in addition to conscious bankroll management that will protect you financially while gambling.


The term “ante” is most commonly used in table games like poker. It is the initial bet required of all participating players before the dealer deals out the cards. The reason an ante is needed is so that in every round or game, there are sure to be stakes to play for and potentially win, encouraging players not to sit out and wait until they have the perfect hand to play.


Digital Nomad Game Types

A subcategory in online casino terminology is different game types. There are hundreds of different game types. However, this list narrows things down to a key few that will help players navigate the most popular kinds of games on online casino sites.

  • Slots

“Slots” or “slot games” are based on the concept of spinning a wheel with the hope of winning cash or various prizes. A win is determined when players happen to match the different symbols on the pay lines. This process is generally influenced by luck meaning that you’d better have your lucky charm with you when playing slots.

  • Roulette

Next up and yet another classic casino game based on the concept of a spinning wheel is “Roulette”. What sets roulette apart from other games with a spinning wheel is a small ball is added to the mix. The way roulette works is players make a bet about their prediction of where they think that the ball will land on the wheel.

  • Live Dealer

“Live dealer” games are the pillar of an authentic casino experience, at the very least when it comes to casino gambling online. Instead of a house or dealer that is automatically run by AI, live dealer games are an opportunity to interact with a real-life casino dealer and sometimes even other players. This is done through video streaming technology and will work almost anywhere that you have a stable internet connection such as Starlink.

  • Table Games

“Table games” are pretty much as they sound. They are casino games that are traditionally played on a table, oftentimes synonymous with card games. The most popular games, considering that they have truly stood the test of time include blackjack, poker, baccarat and craps, all of which tend to err on the side of being skill-based as opposed to luck-based plays.

Having made it to the end of this article, you are likely to be more familiar with the essential terminology for playing at online casinos. Equipped with this insight, it’s time to confidently navigate the world of online gambling.