HART Real Life Motorcycle Skills Course

Honda Australia Rider Training (HART)
In a constant endeavour to strive for the highest quality of motorcycle training, HART St Ives have launched an all new RoadSkills course designed to train riders in real life road situations.

Taking licensed motorcycle riders on a scenic road course through Sydney’s north, the RoadSkills course focuses on building riders’ confidence and skills in a full day ride with a professional instructor.

HART listened to riders and found that newly licensed riders were looking for an environment to expand their skills and ride with like minded people and from this feedback the RoadSkills course was specially formulated.

Offering riders an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with the roads in Sydney’s north, the course involves winding roads, open country roads, freeway riding and more. Restricted to small groups of around four to six riders, the RoadSkills course will run on weekends from 8am until 4.30pm commencing on Sunday 16 September.

The RoadSkills course features hazard perception training, risk identification, cornering, braking, eye direction, road conditions, lane positioning, rider fatigue among other topics.

Suitable for provisional licence riders as well as learner riders who have completed a HART Confidence and Roadskills course (or equivalent level of training), the RoadSkill course is competitively priced at $140.00 for the full day.

To make a booking, or for further program details contact HART NSW
Phone: (02) 91445725 / Email: hartnsw@hondampe.com.au