Isuzu MUX muscles up for 2017

Isuzu MUX 2017 Isuzu has muscled up the very popular MUX for 2017. A multiple winner of the 7 Seat 4WD award here at OzRoamer the Isuzu MUX has slipped a little behind the competition in the last 12 months and while the sales have been successful, the vehicle needed some updating. This is a mid-life update that focusses on the Euro 5 complaint engine and comfort features.

The Isuzu MUX remains arguably the best riding and handling of the Ute based 7 Seat 4WD wagons on the market and close on the best value. Added to this basis are the 2017 improvements.

Isuzu MUX 2017

These include in brief

  • Euro 5 compliant engine with more torque, increased to 430Nm from the previous engine’s output of 380Nm
  • Newly designed front end with BI LED headlights with LED DRL (daytime running lights)
  • New 18 inch alloy wheels
  • Refined interior style
  • 8 inch Sat Nav screen for LSU and LST models
  • Significant reductions in NVH levels
  • New Aisin AWR6B45 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with “lock-up” torque converter
  • Improved audio capability with 8 speakers
  • Isuzu UTE Australia Service Plus Program which includes a 5 year warranty, 5 years Roadside Assistance and 5 year/50,000 kilometre Capped Price Servicing program

These improvements go a long way to making up the lost ground to some of the competitors. The Isuzu MUX also retains its excellent value for money proposition with marginal changes in prices.

Isuzu MUX 2017

Model Price List
17MY Isuzu MU-X RRP Price List Trans RRP
List Price
4 x 2 7 seat SUV LS-M auto $42,800 $38,909
4 x 2 7 seat SUV LS-U auto $45,100 $41,000
4 x 2 7 seat SUV LS-T auto $48,800 $44,364
4 x 4 7 seat SUV LS-M man $48,000 $43,636
4 x 4 7 seat SUV LS-M auto $50,100 $45,545
4 x 4 7 seat SUV LS-U man $50,300 $45,727
4 x 4 7 seat SUV LS-U auto $52,400 $47,636
4 x 4 7 seat SUV LS-T auto $56,100 $51,000


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