Jayco 10 Tips for Hassle Free Summer Holidays

Jayco Top Ten Tips for RV Holiday Getting ready for your annual RV trip and not quite sure that you’ve crossed everything off the list? Take a look at Jayco’s suggestions for a hiccup–free holiday.

1. Choose the right van. Planning an RV holiday but haven’t purchased the vehicle? Make sure you do the research so you get the RV that meets your needs. Jayco makes a range of RVs that cover families, couples, adventurers and retirees. Think about your towing capacity, your budget, where you will store the vehicle and how much room you require for additional guests or equipment.

2. Research the destination. There’s a bunch of ways to find out about excellent RV destinations. Travel shows, such as Making Tracks which airs on Channel 10 at 4.30pm on Saturdays, provide a great run down of places to visit while caravanning, and the people you can meet along the way.

3. Don’t get stranded. As with any vehicle, make sure you’re covered for roadside assistance. RV Care Roadside Assistance will provide you with 24 hour support in the event of an emergency. RV Care can help with things such as emergency towing, flat tyres, lost keys and accommodation, and membership costs less than $100 per year.

4. Get connected. Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off from civilization (unless you want to). Set up your own wireless network on your van so you can google as you go.

5. Save on energy. The environmentally aware will be pleased to know that you can power much of your van with solar panels, negating the need to hook up to electricity at a caravan park. Coast to Coast provides a range of excellent caravan accessories, including solar panels – visit www.coastrv.com.au.

6. Safety test. Give your van a test run before you hit the road. Hitch the unit to the car, check the safety catch is operating and attach safety chains. Check all lights. Make sure towing mirrors are correctly fitted and adjusted so that you are constantly aware of all other traffic on the road. And most essentially, make sure all gas bottles are switched off before you depart.

7. Check the roads. If you’re travelling anywhere in northern Australia during the wet season, make sure to call ahead to find out if conditions are suitable for RVs as often roads can become flooded and dangerous. Down south, be sure to stay aware of bushfires – the local State Emergency Service will be able to provide you with any updated information about fires in the area.

8. Sparkle and shine. Make your van the envy of all others on the road by giving it a polish inside and out. There are a range of RV cleaning products available from Camco which can be purchased at www.coastrv.com.au.

9. Record your journey. RV holidays can be the trip of a lifetime. Whether travelling with family, friends or on your own, remember to take photos, video or write a blog, so you can share your trip with others for years to come. Jayco Australia has its own Facebook page, so get online and tell other RV enthusiasts about your trip.

10. Find like minded friends. Got a taste for the RV lifestyle? You might not be surprised to know that there are many others out there just like you. To ensure that your RV road trip becomes more of a regular occurrence than just a summer jaunt, join a Jayco Owners Club. There is at least one club in each state around Australia, and they hold monthly or bi-monthly rallies to a variety of destinations.