Leisure Boating Clubs Australia

For those of you who have not heard of the concept of shared ownership of luxury boats you are in for a treat. There are a number of ways to share the cost of owning or using a luxury cruiser. Some involve buying shares, some involve joint ownership and some involve membership to a club. It is this last method that Leisure Boating utilizes Established in 1999, Leisure Boating Clubs are a growing group of luxury boating clubs. There are currently ten Clubs across NSW, QLD and VIC with plans to expand throughout Australia and abroad.


They have a modern fl eet of over 40 boats, mostly luxury sport cruisers ranging from 28 to 47 foot. As we m entioned earlier the way that you can use these luxury cruisers is through a fi xed price annual m embership, which covers all operating costs of the boat such as berthing, maintenance, registration and insurance. The only additional cost is the fuel you use. It’s a great way to get into boating and see if it’s for you without the financial commitment of boat ownership. The other major advantage is the ease of use.

Upon completion of the boat familiarization and handling course, you simply make your bookings online or by contacting the Club when you want to use the boat. When you arrive the boat is ready to go, so you just step on board and motor off. At the end of the day you can just step off and the guys from Leisure Boating will do the rest. How easy is that? No cleaning, no maintenance just pure 100% enjoyment A nother feature of Leisure Boating Club membership is that you are not locked into using one particular boat from one location. Membership entitles you to use of all boats within the Club. You can also use similar luxury boats at any Leisure Boating Club.

So if you’re a member of a Sydney Club, you can also use the boats and club facilities in Queensland and Melbourne.
Currently the club has over 10 locations in places such as Rose Bay, Cronulla, P ittwater, Roseville and Port Stephens in NSW. Brisbane, Hope Island Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast and Hervey Bay in QLD and Pier 35 in Melbourne We mentioned that this was affordable luxury and it certainly is. Just $16,950 can get you on the water every two weeks in a Sunrunner 3300 Sport Cruiser or similar 33-foot luxury cruiser. That’s less than what it usually costs to berth and maintain such a boat, not to mention the cost of depreciation and finance.