MyRV Business Profile – Johnnos Campers

If you love camping you’ll love it even more in a Johnno’s Camper Trailer, and the potential of joining Australia’s most family-friendly franchise makes the prospect even sweeter. The Johnno’s Camper Trailer Network is a nationwide network of Agents who hire and sell the company’s proudly Australian-made but world-class on- and off-road camper trailers and leisure product range. “It doesn’t get much better, when you’re producing a product that lets anyone, anywhere ‘camp in comfort’ easily and affordably, as well at their happiest – when they’re going on holidays.”

Joining the Johnno’s network is all about…

• Turning your experience and love of camping into an invaluable marketing tool.

• Putting affordable, fun-packed family holidays within your customers’ reach.

• Enjoying business and family leisure interests that complement each other.

And Johnno’s customers benefi t from dealing with agents who have considerable experience in camping and a wealth of stories and tips to share, gained through their own adventures in camper trailers.

as presenting Aussie families with a firstclass business opportunity and dream job,” says Director Lesley McGown. “Our franchisees are savvy business operators first, but typically camping enthusiasts and adventurers second, who have recognised a prime chance to engage in the ultimate lifestyle

business.” There are currently 24 Johnno’s Camper Trailer Agents operating throughout Australia and the network continues to grow as more people are drawn to the benefi ts of being able to combine quality family time and their favourite leisure pursuits with their own business. In an age where people are yearning for greater flexibility and freedom, making sea changes and tree changes in their droves, a Johnno’s Camper Trailer franchise is proving very attractive. Not only does the business give franchisees scope to operate from a shop front, shared premises or home-based; it also makes the perfect add-on to existing businesses such as service stations, caravan parks and camping/leisure outlets. According to Lesley, there aren’t too many businesses where you can combine business with something you love doing. “And best of all, we get to deal with people

Camping in comfort…

As for the product, it literally sells itself. Current models come as standard or can be custom-built to suit each person’s needs and budget – and the range is constantly expanding. Camper trailers provide that happy medium between roughing it in a tent, and the major expense of a caravan or motor home. Whether it’s a weekend escape, a 6-week trek to the Cape or convenient accommodation for outdoor events – they’re incredibly versatile and Johnno’s camper trailers have travelled the length and breadth of Australia, sometimes for months at a time. “Our on- and off-road models can take you to some amazing places on and off the beaten track that a caravan simply cannot go and they’re so easy to tow, manouevre and set-up,” said Lesley. Johnno’s camper trailers can be erected in minutes, meaning no more back-breaking work struggling to set up tents or annexes when you reach your campsite.

They boast a high quality fi nish, and let you spoil yourself with all the comforts of home including a queen size bed and swing-out kitchen, as well as ample storage space for all the essentials. They can be erected in minutes to reveal a large living area, with plenty of space to spare and cool, airy accommodation built to withstand all sorts of weather and allow plenty of cross-fl ow ventilation. And when it’s time to move, packing up was never simpler. The clever design of these camper trailers and their storage compartments means that you can stow and store all your gear with ease once you reach home too. “People just love the fact they can try before they buy, by hiring the trailer and experiencing all its features and benefits firsthand.”

In the beginning…

The very fi rst Johnno’s Camper Trailer took shape in a backyard workshop in the 1990’s, to fill a gap in the marketplace for a superior quality camper trailer that was easy to use and built to withstand tough Australian conditions. Vigorous demand not only for hires, but from people who wanted to ‘own’ their very own holiday-on-wheels, led to the establishment of a manufacturing and distribution centre in Queensland, now the national headquarters of Johnno’s Australia. Another mark of the company’s impressive growth has been the recent opening of a NSW National Franchise offi ce in Coffs Harbour.

From strength to strength…

Today the Johnno’s name is synonymous with stylish but robust camper trailers, and constantly growing to include innovative camping related products … from ute topper campers to add-on

tents, all purpose-built to enhance customers’ outdoor leisure. As Australia’s fastest growing network the company’s strength and appeal comes from producing a top-notch product and offering reliable support and service to everyone within the Johnno’s network.

Service you can count on…

The concept of the network is so effective, because our customers know they will experience the same product and service quality at any of our Johnno’s Camper Trailer Hire and Sales agencies. In addition they enjoy the convenience of being able to forward book to their next destination and travel without towing, between Hire Agencies. Consistency breeds confi dence and security, and in turn, stimulates repeat business and countless referrals. Franchise and Master License opportunities are available and full support is provided throughout the franchise partnership. “The camping and leisure industry is thriving in this country, and a Johnno’s franchise offers instant earning capacity and is a really simple business to run,” said Lesley. “What’s not to like?”

More information about joining the Johnno’s Camper Trailer Network can be obtained by calling 1300 725 451 or visiting the website –