Narva’s Rechargeable L.E.D

Narva’s Rechargeable L.E.D Hand Held Lamp Upgraded with Lithium Technology. Narva’s popular hand held L.E.D inspection lamp has received a battery upgrade and is now powered by the latest lithium technology.

The new lithium battery has greatly enhanced charge retention when not in use, effectively providing a longer shelf life. The upgraded lamp continues to provide 4 hours of use at 600 lumens peak output with no battery memory effect, making it ideal for applications where regular charging is not possible.

With all the performance features of the earlier model, including 240V AC and 12/24V DC chargers supplied; weatherproof rubber body and switch; fold away metal swivel hook; and a shockproof body that is resistant to oils and grease, the new and improved Narva Rechargeable L.E.D lamp continues to provide freedom to take light anywhere it is required.

Ideal for workshops, camping or around the home, the lithium powered Narva rechargeable L.E.D lamp is now available from leading automotive, 4WD, camping and transport outlets under Part No. 71312 with a recommended retail price of $139.00