Narva’s Product Catalogue 2010

Narva’s amazing product range of new and innovative products that have captured the hearts of original equipment manufacturers, retailers and consumers, has again been further enhanced with the release of an extensive 76 page New Product Catalogue.

Narva 2010 product catalogue
Narva 2010 product catalogue

With technologies continuing to drive the development of a vast array of products, the New Product Catalogue highlights these within the well known Narva colour coded product groups.

Just some of the highlights include the recently upgraded Ultima 225 driving lamps in the sensational new packaging; ‘Extreme’ – the seriously tough driving lamps which are also available in high impact packaging; Free Form headlamp units with modern appearance and improved light output; Emergency lighting including high powered L.E.D Work Lamps and Bars; ‘Pulse’ Class 1 L.E.D Strobes and the latest L.E.D School Bus Warning Lamps.

High intensity, heavy duty L.E.D work lamps listed in the catalogue have literally lifted the bar with unrivalled lighting performance and reliability. Designed for applications in demanding operational conditions such as mining, contracting, forestry etc, flood beams range from 4,500 Lumens to an astounding 15,000 Lumens output.

The L.E.D truck and trailer lamp section introduces a myriad of new lamps such as the advanced slimline Model 36 combination rear lights for box and boat trailers; Model 41 and the upgraded Model 42 rear combination lamps. The bold and stylish range of 130mm round Model 43 L.E.D lamps include options such as an elegant chrome surround and an outstanding L.E.D tail ring with a high-end neon appearance.

The extensive new catalogue from Narva offers something for all markets such as industrial, mining, heavy transport, motoring, 4WD and boating.

The exciting 2010 Narva New Product Catalogue is available from Narva stockists; State Offices or by contacting Narva national sales office on Phone 1800 113 443.