Opel Created an Electric Car for $7000

Electric cars account for approximately 2.6% of all global car sales and 1% of the total vehicle stocks in 2019. An expected 40% increase indicates the projections for the years to follow.

opel electric car

The electric vehicle market value as of 2019 was at $162.34 billion. The same market projections will reach around $802.81 billion come 2027, according to Allied Market Research. 

The unveiling and launch of the Opel electric car clearly show the desired products and expansions in electric vehicle features. You do not need an activation or license to get or drive the electric car. It is as easy as playing free pokies games in your favourite casino. All you need is to purchase the vehicle and be on your merry way! Here are some points to be discussed in this article:

  • The Launch
  • New Opel Rocks-e design
  • Opel Electric Car Range and Batteries
  • Why Should You Get the Opel Electric Car

The Launch

The launch of the Opel Electric car “Rocks-e” took the European car market with a storm. The unexpected design and vehicle model continues to rank first in the automobile industry. Stellantis has the broadest range of automotive brands in European countries. Opel is one of Stellanti’s brands, and the release of the Rocks-e places the company on another level of competition with other car-sharing companies. It has been an extended period, approximately two years, since the release of the last electric micro-car. However, the launch resulted in a request to have the electric micro-car shipped to the United States for trials, adding to the vehicle’s specialty and uniqueness.

Free2Move of the car-sharing services has a plan and schedule to deliver the Rocks-e to Portland, Oregon, and Washington DC within the year. However, that is still to become a reality as the developers of Opel indicate that the vehicle is for the German market. Also, the manufacturers suggest that they have no plans to enter the United Kingdom vehicle market. The car will enter the German market by autumn but will be accessible to other European markets in 2022. However, the future remains uncertain, and you may find Opel electric cars in the UK or the US!

New Opel Rocks-e Design

Carwow describes the Opel electric car as “Miniscule” and the design as an “Improvement” of the Citroen Ami. The dimensions of the electric car are those of a small car ranging at 1.39 m in width and 2.41 m in length. The size makes it a little shorter than the EQ Fortwo, which is a little over 0.285m longer, or a regular city-based car over a meter longer. In appearance, the vehicle is magnificent. What takes your attention are the excellent black bumpers that appear on the front and back of the car, but the yellow outline details the doors and sills, plus the bumper making it more “Funky” in appearance. Despite its size, the door width is similar to a Wheelbase, with its pivot or support being the rear-hinge, making it easier to open and close while boarding or alighting.

The interiors are simple, with minimal devices and features. If carrying your phone, you can still mount it on the “dashboard.” However, the vehicle can only accommodate two people and a few shopping bags. Keep your feet stretched on the “Extra deep Footwell,” which also doubles as storage space. Regarding the luxurious design, fans will only get vehicle windows that fold outwards, colourful and funky yellow lining, and properly hinged windows and doors! It makes it perfect for teenagers, especially 15-year-olds without driving licenses. Wondering why? Europe has placed the Opel electric car onto the Four-Wheeler category and not deveined as a car. However, some countries still retain their perception of the vehicle as a “quadricycle.”

Opel Electric Car Range and Batteries

Many define the Opel as a refined version of the Citron Ami. It is of little surprise that most of the vehicle functionalities and features match the previous model. For instance, the motor is around 8hp, and the vehicle battery power goes to 5.5kWh. The small car can also drive for a range of 48 miles before powering down and in need of recharging. The Ami had similar prospects, but the range was lower at 44 miles and weighed more at 1069 pounds than the Opel 1038 pounds. The top speed for the Opel remains at 28mph. However, the bodywork underwent a total change, which many people associate with the additional benefits or advantages of the Opel car spots. Others indicate that proper programing and tweaks here and there made all the difference in this specific model.

Why Should You Get the Opel Electric Car

Your teenage kids are the highlight of this specific car model and design. For instance, the Opel car advertising feature in Germany revolves around the chance 15-year-olds will have once the vehicle hits the market. First, the teenage kids are underage, and some have no licenses. The classification Opel car as a four-wheeler allows kids to have a spree without a permit. Plus, the prices just below the $7,000 mark make it affordable for most individuals!

When asked why one should get the electric car, Stephen Normal, the head of sales and marketing at Opel, said that “the electric car dubbed as “Opel Rocks-e” is uncompromising in every respect. The design is bold and pure, and the dimensions are extremely compact. Plus, the Sustainable Urban Mobility or sum operates solely on electricity; the price is pocket-friendly and surpasses all other electric cars in terms of mobility and functionality. Owning one will not only make you popular but also approachable.” he apologizes for the design being limited only for European users. However, he hopes that the departure of the popular Smarts and Mitsubishi i-MiEV will lead to a gap or a niche for electric cars either through shared services or for leases!


Opel Rocks-e is the future, especially with everything becoming sustainable environment-oriented. The vehicle utilizes electricity and has a rechargeable battery for use, making it environmental-friendly. It is a recent launch that allows people to make variations and improve on functionalities over the next few years. Today, individuals can purchase and use the Opel Rocks-e electric vehicle in significant cities for simple transportation or movement to and from the office to the market and back. Plus, the battery power, speed, and travel range making it impossible to use the vehicle for long-distance travel.

Getting the Rocks-e for your kids may be a positive move as it is price-friendly at $7,000, can accommodate only two, does not require a license, and cannot go at very high speeds at 28mph.