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Marty and John  from the ORP signing new 4WD members at the recent 4WD Adventure ShowThe Outdoor Recreation Party, under new management, is stepping up its activities with the aim of getting a member elected into the NSW Legislative Council, the Upper House, in March 2011.
The launch of the “new and improved” Outdoor Recreation Party was at the recent 4WD Adventure Show at Eastern Creek, where President, Peter Whelan and Treasurer, David Leyonhjelm said “g’day” to many existing members and signed up almost 50 new members.

The Outdoor Recreation Party stands for ACCESS FOR ALL and FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

The Outdoor Recreation Party is SMART GREEN, NOT EXTREME GREEN. We all respect and appreciate the environment, but people should be an equal partner with the environment, not locked out of it!

Increasingly, government controls and unreasonable rules and regulations restrict our access to and enjoyment of parks, beaches, roads and rivers. An Outdoor Recreation Party Member of Parliament will vote against increases in government and bureaucratic restrictions. Many laws and regulations involve harassment and intimidation of people who simply want to enjoy the great outdoors, or in the case of traffic laws, are simply revenue-raising.

The Outdoor Recreation Party will push for the repeal of those laws which are intrusive, restrict the rights of individuals, or are an unnecessary cost burden.

The ORP has its roots in the New South Wales 4WD movement. Considerable success was achieved in getting a member elected at the 1999 State election. However, subsequent changes to the NSW Electoral Act made it more difficult for small parties to succeed.

David L and Peter W at their stand at the recent 4WD Adventure Show

As a result the party’s Executive concluded that a merger with a like-minded party made the most sense. That ultimately led to a merger with the federally registered Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The LDP shares the ORP’s ambitions in relation to access to national parks. It also supports less regulation, greater personal responsibility and lower taxes, all values that are consistent with those of the ORP.

In the recent Federal Election the LDP in NSW received almost 2.5% of the primary vote for the Senate and just missed out on gaining a Senator.

What is your particular issue in regard to outdoor activities? Can’t drive your 4WD or ride your trail bike or mountain bike on those bush tracks, as they now have barriers? Can’t ride your horse along beautiful trails, as they are now overgrown with blackberries and lantana? Unable to go fishing? Can’t walk your dog along the foreshore? Can’t pitch your tent and fish at your favourite stream? Afraid your local golf course will be closed by greenies, who say it should revert to native bushland?

If you are interested please let them know and they will explain how the ORP, with your support, can make a big difference.
More information and detailed policies can be found on web site: www.orp.org.au

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