Planning a Destination Wedding

When two individuals who love travelling plan to tie the knot, one idea that may come to mind could be to incorporate their love of travel into the big day. To achieve this for your own special day, you might want to consider hosting your wedding outside of your hometown, state, or even country.

Destination Wedding 2However, in doing so, there are a few considerations that will need to be made to make sure that your marriage starts off in the best ways possible. Failure to do so could see errors made, or even loved ones unable to attend.


When hosting a wedding away from a local location, you want to factor in what will be the most suitable attire, which is where Eternal Bridal can be of assistance. As an example, a wedding that is planned to take place on the beach under the sun may benefit far more from loose, flowing materials, and a lack of train, than one that will be held in a traditional chapel. If the wedding is planned for a potentially hot and humid day, it can also be a good idea to extend these more relaxed attire requirements to any guests in attendance too, to prevent your wedding from being usurped by heat stroke or any other environmental consequences.

Considering Budgets

One study found that 19% of guests invited to a destination wedding had to decline simply due to the costs involved in attending. Alongside factoring your own budget into whether a destination wedding is feasible, without accruing large credit card bills or other debts, you will also want to focus on the availability of your guests. Even so, it is still possible for you to host your destination wedding with those who can attend, but then potentially having some form of celebratory party upon your return, so that your loved ones do not need to miss out entirely. Another method of achieving this could be to have attendance in lieu of a gift, to release a bit of the financial strain on those that you invite.

Destination Wedding

Time of Year

The date of your wedding can also be incredibly important, due to the season that it coincides with. This can be particularly important for destination weddings, as you would need to factor in the likelihood of weather changes, especially when hosting it abroad. Bear in mind that the seasons in the northern hemisphere will be the opposite to those where you live. For example, if it will be Winter for you, and you plan to get married in Italy, you should expect Summer weather and temperatures instead. You also need to factor in that, due to better water conduction, the northern hemisphere is likely to be cooler than its southern counterpart, even in the midst of the Summer months.

A destination wedding can be a great way to explore the world and make some wonderful memories on your big day, as well as to combine it with a honeymoon stay. By considering all the factors that can help make it a success, you can look back on your day fondly while incorporating the travelling that you love so much.