Polaris Introduces Revolutionary New Sportsman ACE

Polaris Sportsman ACE
Polaris has announced the company is defining an entirely-new type of off-road vehicle with the introduction of the Sportsman® ACE. The vehicle’s architecture is completely new to the industry and features a revolutionary, sit-in chassis that is nimble and comfortable to operate. The design of the new Sportsman ACE provides a confidence-inspired ride, all while being both farm and trail capable, offering an all-new agricultural or off-road experience.

“The introduction of the Sportsman ACE is part of our strategy to remain the leader in the powersports marketplace by introducing innovative products that define their categories,” said David Longren, vice president of Polaris’ Off-Road Division.

“In creating the Sportsman ACE, we wanted to not only appeal to current farmers, commercial users and off-road enthusiasts, but develop a vehicle that brings new customers to both work and recreation. We accomplished this by coupling an easy-to-use, nimble platform with a confident and secure ride that, together, provides drivers with an entirely new experience.”

The revolutionary, new design combines the size and nimble handling of the Sportsman All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), and the confidence and comfort of the RANGER and RZR side-by-sides, in a rider-centric design with an easily-transportable 121.9 cm width. A comfortable and confidence-inspiring centralized seating position connects the driver directly with the machine. Polaris also positioned all the major components, including the driver, centralized between the four wheels for an incredibly responsive ride.

The Sportsman ACE boasts 26.04 cm of ground clearance and 24.1 cm of rear travel due to its fully independent rear suspension (IRS) outfitted with performance, twin tube shocks featuring adjustable preload.

Polaris Sportsman ACE

Powering the Sportsman ACE is an all-new 32 horsepower ProStar™ Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) Engine featuring an internal counter-balance shaft for smooth, vibration-free power. The dual overhead camshafts and a 4-valve cylinder head work with the advanced engine management system to precisely deliver the fuel charge for impressive power and instant, predictable throttle response; while the lightweight efficient transmission captures every ounce of power to deliver it to the ground. The engine is designed to reduce internal friction which dramatically reduces noise and significantly increases efficiency making it the most fuel-efficient engine Polaris has offered. This coupled with the 19.87 liter fuel tank provides the vehicle with excellent range for long days on the paddock or trail.

For a secure and comfortable ride, the Sportsman ACE has a unique ROPS cab frame previously found only on side-by-sides. The secure, high-backed, adjustable bucket seat is paired with an adjustable steering wheel to give the driver unmatched flexibility when it comes to comfort in the machine. It’s also equipped with a 3-point seat belt, and has side bolsters to keep the operator properly positioned in the center of the machine. The steering wheel offers 8.9 cm of tilt adjustment and the driver’s seat slides back and forth by 10.2 cm to customize the fit for the rider. For added comfort, an integrated dead pedal gives the driver a place to perch their left foot while the right nests in the integrated heel pocket and throttles the powerful ProStar engine. The cockpit’s flow-through design also makes ingress and egress easy, and new side nets feature a metal rod to easily secure them both for clipping and positioning the nets to the back of the vehicle while exiting. The vehicle also is equipped with powerful halogen lighting so the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

For the utmost confidence on the farm or trails, the Sportsman ACE is equipped with the same legendary On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system found on all Polaris Off-Road Vehicles. The system eliminates the guesswork by automatically engaging when the rider needs more forward traction and then reverts back to two-wheel drive automatically when the AWD is no longer needed. The driver also has assured stopping power from the linked, four-wheel disc brakes with braided stainless steel brake lines that provide optimum response and minimal fade. For added protection, accessories such as doors, front and rear brushguards, rock sliders, and a variety of custom wheel and tire packages not only protect the vehicle but add a more customized look. To protect the driver from the elements, a Lock & Ride roof, windshield and rear panel install in seconds to offer a quick solution for all climates.

Polaris off-road vehicles have built an unprecedented reputation for helping owners get work done and the storage capability of the new Sportsman ACE is no different. With an integrated 10.6 litre semi-dry, front storage compartment, and a high-capacity Lock & Ride® cargo box with rack extenders and rear tie-down rails, that also accepts the accessory Lock & Ride cargo box for additional dry storage, the vehicle can carry up to 260 kg of gear. The Sportsman ACE is pre-wired for the installation of a winch with up to 3,500 lb/1587 kg of capacity, and the hardest-working DNA of Sportsman was further instilled with a 680 kg towing capacity, for capability when it’s time for serious work.

Polaris Sportsman ACE

Polaris will also offer more than 25 accessories for Sportsman ACE including doors, winches, cabs and storage to suit their needs.

“This is a completely new proposition for the Australian ATV and side x side market,” said Polaris Australia & New Zealand Managing Director, Peter Alexander.

“This is a vehicle that encompasses the very best features of both ATVs and side x sides, with unrivalled capabilities for the Australian farmer coupled with outstanding performance for weekend recreational riders.”

“One of the great attractions of ATVs has always been their sheer versatility, nimbleness and agility. Sportsman Ace continues to offer all these things with the added benefit of additional features to further ensure the security of the operator.

“The issue of ATV safety has been a pertinent one in Australia for many years. Whilst the largest variable in safety is inevitably the experience, training and attitude of the rider along with wearing appropriate safety gear and using machines within manufacturer’s recommendations, Sportsman ACE provides another option with a unique combination of features.

“This model is an off-road vehicle with a rich Polaris Sportsman heritage. What is unique is the provision of features which have, until now, only been seen on side by side vehicles.

“And like anything for the Australian market, this vehicle needs to be seriously heavy duty with capacities and capabilities which lead the marke … and on that front, Sportsman ACE certainly delivers.”

The Polaris Sportsman ACE will be available in authorized Polaris dealers from April, 2014.

For more information or to book a test ride with your local dealer, please visit www.polarisindustries.com.au.

Key Features of Sportsman Ace
• Powerful 32 HP ProStar Engine
• Unique single passenger cab design gives a whole new off-road experience

Confident and Secure
•On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive
• Unique single passenger cab design
• 3-Point Seatbelt
• Protective Netting
• Assured Stopping Power with Four-Wheel/Four-Disc Braking System

Comfort and Convenience
•Bolstered Bucket Seat with 10.2cm of adjustability
• Easy Ingress and Egress with Flat Floor Plan
• Adjustable Steering for optimum control
• 260kg Rack and Storage Capacity
• Integrated Foot Rest
• Integrated Accessory Door System
• Convertible Rear Cargo Box
• 680kg Towing Capacity
• Powerful Halogen Lighting

Easy to Ride
•Independent Rear Suspension with 24.1cm of Suspension Travel
•19.87L Fuel Tank with Electronic Fuel Injection
• Rider Centric Design

Compact and Nimble
•Low-Center of Gravity for Stable and Responsive Ride
• 32 HP ProStar Engine with Dual Overhead Cams
• Trail Compliant 121.9cm Width
• 156cm wheelbase
• Lightweight Transmission for Efficient Power Transfer
• 26.04cm Ground Clearance