Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kits

Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kits
Regular campers and four wheel drivers know that space is at premium when going away for a week or two. Pack the essential supplies, throw in some kids’ gear, and the roof rack and boot quickly fills leaving little room for awkwardly-sized (but important) items such as solar panels.

With the new lightweight and compact Projecta folding solar panel kits, minimal space is no longer a concern – the panels feature a travel-safe frameless design and fold quickly and compactly to a size similar to a laptop computer, around 36cm x 50cm, delivering all the recharging power needed for 12 volt accessories.

The monocrystalline solar panel kits are available in two versions with either 80W or 120W output and weigh only 5 and 7kg respectively. The soft edges make them safe and easy to stow in even the most tightly-packed vehicle. The 80W SPM80K model is ideal if running basic essential accessories such as a car fridge, while those with additional equipment like camping lights, radios or TVs should opt for the 120W SPM120K.

Compact dimensions aside, both kits are quick and easy to set-up, simply unfold the canvas bags and attach the metal support poles to the kits’ rigid fiberglass backing section, then just angle towards the sun. Everything needed to set-up the panels are contained within.

Each kit comes with a five metre fused battery lead allowing the vehicle to be parked in the shade while the panels remain in full sunlight for optimum performance. Also standard is an inbuilt solar controller which lets you know when you’re at full charge and protects against solar discharge.

Their compact design, fast set-up and ease-of-use will make the Projecta folding solar panel kits a favourite among regular travelers off the beaten track.