Projecta Highlights New Products and Functionality in Exciting New Catalogue

2017 Projecta CatalogueProjecta has released its  new 2017/19 catalogue, providing customers with an expanded product list and a premium new look with a shift to black as the new core colour scheme, all in an enhanced and easy-to-use format.

In developing the new catalogue, Projecta conducted extensive market research and consulted retail and wholesale customers with a view to developing a catalogue that was functional, easy-to-read and stylish in design.

The resultant 180-page catalogue showcases over 60 new and upgraded products while a new product icon graphic has been introduced to the top left and right hand corners of each outer page, making it easier to thumb through to the relevant product areas.

Additionally, this comprehensive catalogue introduces a three tier scale for all products, allowing the reader to more easily identify the equipment most relevant to their application and regularity of use.

The ‘Everyday Range’ is identified in blue and is widely suited to domestic use; the ‘Pro Range’ is identified in red and is ideal for the home professional, while the top-of-the-line, silver ‘Intelli Range’ was developed for OE and professional applications in mind.

Each product features a high quality photograph and extensive, clearly written details, allowing the customer to make an educated choice on their purchase.

As well as showcasing new products and heightened levels of functionality, the catalogue adopts new styling cues, prominently featuring black and silver hues to complement the premium performance and feel of Projecta products. This stylish new treatment will gradually be adopted in packaging across the Projecta range as well as for merchandising, marketing and point of sale materials.

For increased longevity in workshop environments, the catalogue also features a premium anti-scuff matt finish with spot UV gloss highlights, so it always looks good and will last longer than the preceding catalogue.
Making their debut in the 2017/19 catalogue are over 60 new upgraded or new Projecta products across a wide range of product lines.

Some of the new equipment covered includes the ‘Intelli-Start’ range of Lithium jumpstarters; the ‘Intelli-Charge’ range of chargers specifically for LiFePO4 Lithium batteries along with an expanded range of ‘Intelli-Charge DC/Solar charges.

Also new is the ‘Power-Hub’ portable power station, an expanded range of solar controllers, new powerboards for the RV industry and much more.

The new Projecta catalogue was officially launched at this year’s prestigious Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo held from April 6-8.


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