Projecta Protects Sensitive Vehicle Electronic Memory

The loss of sensitive electronic memory such as engine management software, preset radio codes etc when servicing a vehicle or particularly when changing a vehicle’s battery, can have you frantically searching for manuals and code data record cards with a frustrating loss of time.

Projecta’s latest IPS700 Memory Protector for 12V electrical systems safely overcomes this problem making it ideal for workshops and roadside assistance applications.

The IPS700 is self contained in a durable carry bag and includes protective features for increased safety plus quick connect fittings for ease of operation and recharging.

With the use of a 12V 7Ah battery it can be applied to a number of jobs throughout a day before requiring a recharge and can withstand a car door being left open with the interior lamp illuminated for periods without loosing the vehicle memory. Recharging the Memory Protector’s battery can be completed using the 240V charger supplied in the pack or for service vehicles, via the cigarette lighter socket connection, allowing charging to be done whilst on the road.

Two connection options are available to allow the memory protector to be connected either through the cigarette lighter socket or directly to the vehicle’s battery leads.
A switch is built into the unit to turn the power on and off and an L.E.D ‘Correct Connection’ is built in to show that a correct connection is made to the vehicle system before turning it on or disconnecting the vehicle battery.

Additional protection is provided against surge and reverse polarity and an L.E.D battery level indicator is built in.

Totally self contained in a durable bag with storage compartment and carry strap, the Projecta 12V Electrical System Memory Protector is available from leading Projecta distributors throughout Australia.