QLD Music Trails Supporting Aussie Farmers

QLD Music Trails – Crack Open a Cold One with travla Beer and QLD Music Trails, Supporting Aussie Farmers!

Travla beer festival 1Get ready to hit the road with a cold brew in hand and tunes in your ears as travla Beer and QLD Music Trails team up to bring joy and support to drought-stricken Aussie communities. From April 13 to 21, join The Outback Trail for an adventure like no other.

travla, the brainchild of actor and former model Travis Fimmel (Boy Swallows Universe, Vikings) and culinary whiz Andy Allen of MasterChef fame, is renowned for its refreshing flavours and Aussie spirit.

Meanwhile, QLD Music Trails offers music enthusiasts an extraordinary way to explore the diverse musical landscapes of Queensland.

But this partnership isn’t just about having a good time; it’s about making a difference.

As they traverse the Outback, not only will travellers have the opportunity to indulge in delicious brews and catchy tunes, they will also lend a helping hand to farming families through Drought Angels, a charity dedicated to supporting those affected not only by droughts, but all natural disasters and hardship too.

Travis Fimmel, cofounder of travla, says he is very excited about the partnership, “travla is about real people and celebrating the real Australia. For us, partnering with the team at QLD Music Trails for the Outback Trail is exactly how we want to showcase that genuine connection to the country.

“I grew up on a farm so I know how tough it is. Through this partnership, we also get the chance to work with Drought Angels again, which is an incredible organisation. We’re looking forward to helping them support farming communities that need it. We’re also ready for the fun, the beers, and some great music. Come along for the ride.”

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Daryl Raven, CEO of Queensland Music Festival

Daryl Raven, CEO of Queensland Music Festival, expressed gratitude for the partnership’s focus on promoting tourism and culture in Queensland.

“Music has always been an integral part of Queensland’s identity,” Raven noted, “and The Outback Trail provides a platform to showcase the talents of nationally recognised, and local musicians, while highlighting the breathtaking landscapes of the outback. By joining forces with travla Beer, we’re able to offer travellers a multi-sensory experience that captures the essence of our region.”

Raven also acknowledged the importance of supporting drought relief efforts through Drought Angels, stating, “Drought Angels plays a crucial role in providing assistance to rural farming communities across Australia. By integrating Drought Angels into The Outback Trail, we aim to raise awareness and support for those affected by natural disaster and hardship, while showcasing the beauty and resilience of Queensland’s outback.”

As part of the partnership, travellers embarking on The Outback Trail will have the opportunity to enjoy specially curated events featuring live performances by artists including Troy Cassar-Daley, Travis Collins, Ball Park Music and more. Complemented by refreshing offerings from travla Beer along the way.

In addition to providing travellers with unforgettable experiences, The Outback Trail will feature opportunities for participants to contribute directly to Drought Angels through on-site donations.

Through the generosity of travellers and the support of partners like travla Beer and QLD Music Trails, Drought Angels will continue to provide essential assistance to farming families in need.

So why wait? Join The Outback Trail for a journey filled with music, laughter, and, of course, plenty of ice-cold travla Beer.

Let’s raise our glasses to supporting Aussie farmers and having a darn good time while we’re at it!

For more information about The Outback Trail and to hop on board, visit https://qldmusictrails.com/trails/outback.

Cheers to making a difference! ????????

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About QLD Music Trails:

QLD Music Trails is a dynamic initiative created by the Queensland Music Festival, offering music enthusiasts an extraordinary way to explore the diverse musical landscapes of Queensland.

With a commitment to bringing music to unexpected places and connecting communities through shared experiences, QLD Music Trails invites participants to embark on musical journeys that showcase the rich tapestry of Queensland’s musical culture.

Each trail is a unique adventure, weaving together performances by talented artists, the natural beauty of the Queensland landscape, First-Nations cultural experiences, and the warm hospitality of local communities.

It’s a platform where music becomes an integral part of the adventure, and where travellers become part of a musical family, celebrating the spirit of Queensland through harmonious exploration.

QLD Music Trails is proudly supported by the Queensland Government.

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About travla: We’re here because we love the Aussie countryside and are inspired by the people who live here. travla is all about celebrating the proud, hard-working, down-to-earth people across Australia. Founded by a farm boy and a couple of his mates, travla was born out of mateship, simplicity and staying true to their roots.

Inspired by the people they grew up with, they sought to capture and champion the lives of humble country Australians; to create a beer they would be proud to call Australia’s.

There’s a little bit of rural life in everything we do, and we’re proud to say our beer is made in Australia and only from great Australian ingredients.