The Car Buyer’s Conundrum – Why You Should Buy New

new car buyingBuying a car is never a small endeavour. From setting your budget to deciding which model will best suit your lifestyle, there is an overwhelming amount of factors to consider before you even get to a dealership.

Yet one big decision that many people struggle with is whether or not to buy second-hand or new. It’s a tough decision, but lucky for you we’re here to take some of the stress out of your choice. We’ll unpack the car buyer’s conundrum and convince you why you should always buy new.

Factory Warranty

All new small cars come with an extended factory warranty. While these warranty products used to only be for a year or sometimes three, most major car brands are now offering five to seven-year factory warranties. Kia, for example, offers a seven-year warranty on all new cars. This is a big deal because it means that, should an issue arise within the warranty period, you just need to bring it back to the dealership and it will be fixed free of charge. That’s seven years of peace of mind. Note that some things aren’t covered, like tyres, windshield damage or accidents. It’s worth taking out a comprehensive insurance policy which should cover the last two things.

Less Prone to Breakdowns

The more distance a car has travelled over its lifetime, the more prone to a breakdown it becomes. Cars that have done more than a couple of hundred thousand kilometres become costly to repair, especially when you need to replace major components of the engine like your timing belt or your transmission. A new car is simply less likely to break down, saving you money, time and hassle. You can’t guarantee that when you buy a used car you’re not buying someone else’s problem that they’ve decided to get rid of.

It Feels Great

Sometimes we need to indulge in life and take pleasure in things. Buying a new car is a great feeling – there’s something about sitting behind the wheel for the first time in the dealership, getting ready to drive away, knowing that this brand-new, great smelling car is yours to keep.

All The Features

When you buy a new car, you get to pick what you include in your purchase. If you’re into all the latest and greatest tech, bells and whistles, then all you need to do is ask the dealer to include them for you. When buying secondhand, you’re essentially limited to “what you see is what you get”. So, if you’re feature-mad, then new is always the better option.

Summing Up

It almost always pays to buy a brand new car. To start with, you get an extended factory warranty that isn’t offered on used vehicles. New cars are less prone to breakdowns than cars that have done lots of travelling. Let’s not discount that great, “I just bought a new car feeling” which a secondhand model doesn’t quite give. Finally, you get to choose all the features, bells and whistles with a new car, whereas if you were to buy secondhand, you have to just accept what you get. Happy shopping!