Torsus announces partnership with JRZ suspension engineering

Torsus announces partnership with JRZ suspension engineering to supply the world’s most versatile off-road 4×4 minibus with a radical all-terrain suspension upgrade


  •  JRZ Suspension Engineering upgrade now available on all TERRASTORM models in the range
  •  Industry-leading off-road suspension from JRZ Suspension Engineering ensures a comfortable and safe ride across all terrains
  •  TORSUS TERRASTORM can transport up to 20 passengers across the world’s toughest terrains
  •  JRZ and TSS strategic partnerships secure toughest ever components
  •  Prices for the TERRASTORM start from €76,580 EUR (£66,931.39 GBP)

TORSUS, the renowned manufacturer of ultra-tough, heavy-duty off-road buses, has unveiled game-changing partnerships with JRZ Suspension Engineering BV, global leaders in off-road suspension and dampers, and distributor TSS International BV. Together, TORSUS, TSS and JRZ have engineered a custom heavy-duty off-road suspension configuration that delivers unparalleled performance over any terrain, setting a new standard for adventure seekers worldwide, and providing the freedom of mobility for all no matter how challenging the ground they need to cross.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, JRZ Suspension Engineering boasts nearly three decades of experience in crafting cutting-edge suspension systems to perform at the pinnacle of top-tier motorsports, enhance the ride and handling characteristics of elite sports cars, and enable off-road buggies, heavy-duty vehicles, and armoured cars to master the most unforgiving terrain with impunity. The company’s ultra-advanced suspension upgrade takes the already highly impressive TERRASTORM – a 4×4 all-terrain minibus – to new heights of rough terrain crossing performance, ensuring a more comfortable and safer journey, and providing greater freedom of movement for all occupants.

Controlling the unsprung mass is the chief engineering objective. The total weight of every component unsupported by the vehicle’s suspension: wheels, tyres, springs, shocks, linkages, brakes, and even lug nuts. Controlling the unsprung mass significantly lessens the suspension system’s workload enhancing its ability to dampen bumps, improving its ability to keep the tyres on the ground, therefore providing superior traction levels.


The TERRASTORM’s remarkable on- and off-road handling transformation is made possible by the innovative JRZ Suspension Engineering setup. Precision CNC machined components, increased fluid displacement, high flow-rate valves, and nitrogen-charged shock absorbers work in harmony to eliminate wheel hop, provide exceptional handling across all terrain types, boost traction, and elevate comfort levels. Furthermore, this advanced suspension system stabilises body roll, solidifying the TERRASTORM as the ultimate choice for an all-terrain Workstation or Ambulance.

Whether the customer desires a softer, more comfortable ride or the superior levels of control under braking, accelerating, and turning, the TERRASTORM’s heavy-duty off-road suspension reacts swiftly to the driver’s inputs, automatically adjusting damping speed for optimal performance.


Vakhtang Dzhukashvili, the Founder and CEO of TORSUS, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating: “We are thrilled to partner with JRZ Suspension Engineering, as our shared objective is to create the ultimate all-terrain vehicles. By combining our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we have successfully crafted the world’s most versatile off-road 4X4 minibus.”

Like TORSUS, JRZ Suspension Engineering takes great pride in utilising the highest quality components. The suspension setup incorporates precision-machined parts, ensuring precise and controlled movements, as well as extended service intervals of 25,000 km. Certified by TUV Germany and tested for durability on an extensive dyno cycle of over 800,000 cycles, the TERRASTORM’s front strut can withstand side loads of more than 5000 Newtons, guaranteeing exceptional performance, reliability and long service intervals, precisely the characteristics required for operating successfully in exceptionally challenging terrain.


Prepare for a new era of off-road exploration as TORSUS and JRZ Suspension Engineering revolutionise the way you conquer the great outdoors. Get ready to experience unmatched versatility and excitement with the TERRASTORM, the ultimate companion for off-road adventures.

Erik Ras, Partner at JRZ Suspension Engineering, said: “The collaboration between JRZ and Torsus brings two companies with the same mindset together, to design the best possible solution. That’s probably why the development phase went so smoothly, since we have the same goal. The TORSUS TERRASTORM is built and developed to the highest standards, like how we develop and manufacture our suspension”


Based on a Volkswagen Crafter/MAN TGE 4Motion chassis, the 4×4 TORSUS TERRASTORM, features a EURO VI D 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel engine offered in two power guises, 140PS (103kW) and 340Nm or 177PS (130kW) and 410Nm, mated to a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Engineered and manufactured at TORSUS’ production plant in Slovakia, the heart of vehicle manufacturing in Central Europe, the team applied its expert knowledge gained from producing the PRAETORIAN, the world’s first production off-road bus, to design a new ultra-tough 4×4 minibus. Designed to transport people and cargo to some of the world’s most inhospitable places, the TERRASTORM is dependable and pushes the commercial vehicle sector to new limits.

TERRASTORM is designed to be valuable for those wanting a vehicle that can do the heavy lifting at work but is also great for the weekends with the family. Specific body trim is crafted to not only protect the lower panels of the vehicle but create solutions to problems – such as an integrated winch and a custom-built skid plate.


The vehicle is offered in a range of configurations all of which include an upgraded chassis and off-road suspension, all-wheel drive with a locking rear differential, integrated winch in the TORSUS front bumper capable of towing up to 5,500kg (5.5 tonnes), side steps, durable scratch resistant coating on the lower body panels, and a bespoke Duraluminium skid plate running from the engine and gearbox down to the rear differential and fuel tank to protect from being damaged in inhospitable conditions. Key accessories include a front metal bull-bar and rear light metal grilles, roof rack with integrated lights, spare tyre rack and rear ladder.

TORSUS is currently represented and distributes to three continents (Europe, Australia and South America) selling in six markets (Germany, Poland, Australia, Chile, Peru and Ukraine) with negotiations to expand the reach into more territories, including UK, UAE, Argentina, France, Canada, Philippines, Kazakhstan, the US and Saudi Arabia.