Volvo XC60 D5 Turbo 2.4L Diesel MY12 Review

Volvo MY12 XC60 D5 Teknik front exteriorThe Volvo XC60 is a classy AWD Vehicle. I had the pleasure of driving the D5 Turbo Diesel. Driving the Volvo XC60D5 Turbo Diesel  for the first time I was surprised at the ride height of the vehicle (it stands at 1713mm in height) and how comfortable it was .The interior is well appointed with the leather trim with a very stylish instrument layout and the amount of interior space is incredible .Passengers have plenty of leg room and if you were to fold down the rear seats you would be surprised how much storage there is

Volvo MY12 XC60 D5 Teknik front seats

The Volvo XC60 includes traditional Volvo safety features , whiplash protection system, side impact protection system, dynamic stability and traction control, hill descent control ,collision warning with brake support, and patented front, side, and rear structures. The Volvo XC60 also has a new technology feature that Volvo has named City Safety. The system is described as a driver support system with the aim of preventing frontal collisions whilst travelling below 30 km per hr .It does this through the use of a sensor that helps determine whether a collision is likely. Depending on the speed, if a collision is likely, the Volvo’s computer system will either prepare the car to brake or automatically brake the vehicle to avoid a rear-end collision. We tested this out on a lineup of barricades and the system performed beautifully ,and seeing that most front to rear accidents occur in congested traffic this is a fantastic feature of the Volvo XC60.

Volvo MY12 XC60 D5 Teknik DASH

The 5 cylinder diesel provides plenty of power when you need it 158 kW and with a 70 lt fuel tank it is possible, if driven carefully, you can almost get to 1000kms but from experience with our test vehicle with open road driving and accelerating to overtake etc I think it’s fair to say that if you were planning on driving from Sydney to Brisbane you would have to include at least one extra fuel stop

Volvo MY12 XC60 D5 Teknik REAR

What is good?
• Diesel’s great power/economy
• Sensible family car,40/20/40 split rear seats Built in pop up booster seats
• Lots of standard features and safety is key with the Volvo range
• Well appointed and a pleasure to drive

What’s not so good?
• Temporary spare tyre
• Not keen on the key placement on the dash if you had other keys on the key ring it would mark the area under the key slot

Model Volvo XC 60
Model Price $68000 plus
Drivetrain AWD 2.4 ltr 5 Cylinder Diesel 6 Speed geartronic
Power 158 Kw

Torque 420Nm
CO2 Emissions 219 g/km
Economy 7.6 L/100km
Tow Capacity – Max 2000 kg

Overall Any Auto Rating 84/100
Behind the Wheel 9
Comfort 9
Equipment 9
Performance 10
Ride & Handling 8
Practicality 8
Fit for Purpose 10
Towing Ability 6
Off Road Ability 6
Value for Money 9