Wheeny Creek, Wollemi National Park Day Trip

Well, the two old explorers set off again in search of adventure and peace and quiet.  The vehicle was Dave’s Triton Twin Cab, road tyres, no extras.  In fact this trip could be undertaken with a normal 2WD vehicle. 

The first part of the trip was out along the Windsor Road and turned off into Pitt Town Road and out to Wiseman’s Ferry.   We had to take the Webb’s Creek Ferry across the Hawkesbury River, so a little wait, but the ferry ride is quite and the view down and up the river is really spectacular.

Crossing the hawkesbury

As soon as we got across we only went a short way before turning left into Webb’s Creek road and then into Chaseling Road.  We followed that across to   Bicentenary Road.

Chaseling Road intersection

This is then a nice dirt road trip along to Wheelbarrow Ridge Track.  There are some great views and bush settings along here.  Alas, no sightings of any panthers.

There are several side trails off the road, blocked off, but open to walking and Mountain bike riding.  We took one and set off for a short hike staying on the main trail.

The Bushfires that went through here in early 2020 really cleared the area and you see for miles.

Fires are not new to the Australian Bush and the Banksia actually needs the heat of a fire to bust open the seed pods and start the new generation.

Back into the Triton and stayed on Wheelbarrow Ridge Trail until Wheelbarrow

Ridge Rad.  Again, an easy drive and up to the Putty Road.  A left turn back onto a tarred road and down to the Colo River, up the other side and right into Blaxlands Ridge Road.

We were keen to the Camping/Picnic Grounds so another right at Comleroy road and down to the Wheeny Creek.

There are 3 picnic areas here.  While Google Maps shows the larger one, the one I have indicated with a circle and cross has pitt toilets and readymade fire areas.  It’s a beautiful spot to walk around in and the river here is fairly shallow if you want a swim.  Great for kids, BUT, WATCH THEM.

You can see where the floods have carved out the area.

We started our small fire for our lunch, nothing around, just quiet.  Until the only bird in the tree above us pooped on our BBQ, oh well.

In these National parks you are required to take your own wood.

If you are interested, the machete is the Cobra Russian Spetsnaz Cobra AK47 Taiga Survival Machete.  A great one-tool performer.

After lunch and another hike around the rocky outcrops, it was time to head off.  We kept on across the river, Dave did it 3 times, then up the hill.

We kept on until Mountain Lagoon Road and we popped out onto Mountain Lagoon Road where we started heading back to Sydney.  We had to stop at the Mountain Bell Café for a Coffee, great place.