Yamaha XC125 Vity

Yamaha XC125 Vity.YMA is pleased to announce the arrival of the XC125 Vity to add to its scooter lineup for 2011. The Vity combines city practicality with economy, taking the strain out of the daily commute.

Like the new BeeWee, Vity benefits from Yamaha’s expertise in 4-stroke single cylinder engine design, and combines performance, refinement and resilience – with a front disc brake that provides assured stopping.

Vity is ideally suited to life on congested urban streets and offers you the freedom to enjoy leisure time too. With a wet weight of only 110 kg, and a wheelbase of just 1250 mm, it’s one of the smallest and lightest 125cc scooters in its class. In combination with a powerful and reliable fuel-injected 125cc engine, you can navigate traffic and overtake with confidence.

A range of features make longer rides more comfortable, too. While a large seat provides ample room for a passenger, an easily accessible storage compartment in the steering column and underseat storage are great for stowing a helmet and essentials.

Yamaha XC125 Vity.

Vity is equipped with a powerful 153mm diameter front disc brake. Working together with the rear drum brake, it’s designed to deliver the smooth and predictable stopping power necessary for a scooter with a powerful and lusty 125cc 4-stroke engine.

The lightweight and compact 10inch diameter wheels are shod with 100/90-10 tyres at the front and rear. Combined with a short wheelbase, they make for quick steering, low rider inputs and easy low speed manoeuvrability. Finished in black, these stylish 3-spoke aluminium wheels add a touch of class.

A comfortable dual seat can be easily unlocked and lifted up to reveal the spacious storage compartment. The Vity also has additional carrying capacity with a handy luggage rack on the rear.

The Vity’s clearly laid-out instrument panel features an analogue speedometer, a convenient fuel gauge, and a wide array of indicator lights. All vital information is ready to read and in an easy-to-understand layout.

At just 730 mm high, a sculpted dual seat provides a low and extremely comfortable riding position. It also helps to keep the scooter’s centre of gravity low – for great manoeuvrability – and lets you easily put your feet on the ground.

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