Yamaha XTZ660 Ténérés in Southern Crossing Adventure

Yamaha-XTZ660-Ténérés-Southern-CrossingOn May 15 2011 three everyday Aussie’s will undertake a challenge of a lifetime on XTZ660 Ténérés by attempting to cross Australia the hard way.

The Southern Crossing is a two wheeled adventure ride from the easternmost point in Australia to the most westerly. But unlike other trans-Australian riders, Leroy, Geordie and Jon will attempt the journey in practically a straight line, which they claim is a world first.


The Southern Crossing is set to be an adventure of true Australian spirit and unrivalled determination with over 98% of the planned route consisting of dirt, sand, rock and mud. And there are over 1500 large sand hills in the Simpson Desert alone to be traversed. The team will battle the unpredictable weather while enjoying some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world and meeting unique locals and indigenous communities on their journey.

Every move of the Southern Crossing adventure ride will be filmed with a plan to make a movie of the journey to be screened on Nat Geo channel and possibly on free-to-air TV too. The trio have already appeared on Channel 7’s Creek to Coast show.

“I have been planning this trip in my mind ever since I saw footage of the Leyland Brothers crossing our continent in a Land Rover in 1966. We chose the Ténérés because they are the ideal motorcycle for this overland trip. We needed something rugged and reliable with enough power to get us up and over the dunes. But light enough to lift out of sections if we get bogged,” says project leader Leroy Robinson.


“We have kitted the bikes up and taken them on a few shakedown runs to get used to their off road capabilities. We are impressed with their performance and confident of success,” adds the Brisbane based business consultant.

Those wishing to see off the Southern Crossing team are invited to join the launch festivities at Byron Bay on 14/15 May. Plus head to Clarke’s Beach Reserve, Byron Bay at 10.30am on Sunday 15 May for a fun ride to Casino. Visit the website at www.thesoutherncrossing.com.au or register for the ride at The Southern Crossing Facebook events page.

YMA is sponsoring the coast to coast ride and will keep viewers updated with details of the trip at www.yamaha-motor.com.au