2013 Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer Review

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer
We are reviewing the Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer from South Australia. With the Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer you get the best of experience with 60 years of canvas manufacturing and over 13 years of trailer manufacturing.

Sar Major Camper Trailers have been around since the 1990’s however the company has been manufacturing canvas goods since the 1950’s, so there is a bit of Australian Manufacturing history in the company.

Sar Major have a flexible arrangement where you can attach either a locally made or quality imported canvas tent section to one of their locally made trailers.

This is a quality, robust Australian made off road camper trailer for the adventurer who wants to explore side roads and major tracks.

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer

The tent section is made locally in the St Marys factory from Australian Made, Proofed and Dyed Canvas. When erected there is plenty of access points with central doors on the annexe and front and rear of the tent. The canvas used is 15oz for the Tent & 12oz for the Annexe

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer

Interestingly the camper has a sewn on awning designed in a wedge style to make it a great strong shelter when used without walls, and lowers the top of the walls to make them super easy to attach and remove as needed. The annex is a generous 17′ a removable PVC floor.

An open and airy feeling is created with 6 large scenic windows and 4 picture windows plus mesh vents under the bed side of the trailer.

Options for the canvas area include a fully enclosed extra room that can be attached on the draw bar side of the unit, clear PVC inserts for the windows, a solar blanket for the main tent and a privacy screen to section off a separate sleeping area for the kids or friends.

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer

The Aussie Camper tent is perfectly matched with the Trekker Trailer that is also manufactured at the St Marys factory. Size of the trailer is 7′ x 4′ (2130x1200mm). The drawbar is made of 100 x 50 x 3.0 Galvanised RHS and the chassis of 50 x 50 x 2.5 Galvanised RHS with Spine. There is an 8″ swing up style jockey wheel as well. The coupling is a standard 50mm ball with an off road polyblock option.

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer Canvas suspension OzRoamer review

The trailer has a full tub style body constructed of 1.6mm rigidised zinc anneal, a galvanised RHS chassis with centre spine and 6 Leaf Eye to Eye Rebound suspension. This gives the trailer a level of simplicity and robustness that provides comfort far from the beaten track. Personally I am a fan of shock absorbers to help minimise the belting the contents of the trailer get on our corrugated roads, but the leaf to leaf suspension system has been proven time and time again in the rough.

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer Canvas coupling OzRoamer review

The Aussie Trekker comes with hydraulic brakes as standard and load rated to 1250kg on 45mm axles, so you can pack plenty of camping gear and supplies for your trip. Again I am not a huge fan of hydraulic brakes off road and would opt for the electric brakes. Wheels are 15″ Sunraysia Style Landcruiser 6 Stud Pattern with new tyres. The spare is mounted vertically which is always a bonus.

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer Canvas storage box OzRoamer review

Just behind the large angled aluminium chequerplate toolbox is space for four jerry cans plus swing out gas bottle holders on the side and room for more if you want.

Sar Major Aussie Trekker Camper Trailer Canvas jerry can holder OzRoamer review

The generous King size inner spring mattress bed is very comfortable and brings a bit of home to the trailer. I always advise buyers to have an inner spring mattress if possible as no matter how good the foam mattress’ are they always sag and after a few weeks you would be wishing you had opted for the better bed. A good nights sleep makes all the difference to the camping trip.

The bed is situated on a steel base with lift up hatches to reveal plenty of storage underneath.

By dealing direct with the manufacturer, you can add extra features or custom options to suit your needs. There is an extensive options list but the key ones are Underfloor Water Tank 55 Litres With Hand Pump, Bolt On Angled Stone Guard With Mesh, to Electric Brakes,

The Aussie Camper canvas is backed by the Sar Major 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty PLUS the Wax Converters Textiles DynaproofedTM Canvas for Camper Trailers 5 Year Limited Warranty. The Sar Major Trekker Trailer is backed by a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Workmanship Warranty.

The Sar Major Trekker Trailer is a quality, robust campertrailer that has the strength and features to allow you to explore off the major roads at a reasonable price.