Hillbilly squat tripod and camp oven for OzRoamer

Hillbilly Camping Gear Business Review

HILLBILLY Camping Gear is Australian Made cooking equipment ideal to use anywhere from the backyard to the bush. Made from uncoated blue steel, all Hillbilly frypans, camp ovens cook stands and BBQs are made to last a lifetime of camping use with minimum maintenance required […]

transparent-canoe-kayak web
Boats & Cruisers

Camping Boats Review

There are various types of camping and fishing boats currently in the market. Camping allows you to escape the usual hustle and bustle of the city; and what better way to escape this stressful life than going for boat camping. […]

Camper Trailers

Camprite TL8S Camper Trailer Review

Overall the Camprite TL8S is an ideal camper trailer for a family that appreciates quality and ease of use. It is unique amongst the market segment, extremely well made and thought out and is one of the most practical set up solutions available.

GT Campers Off Road Camper Trailer set up
Camper Trailers

GT Off Road Camper Trailer Review

GT Campers have cleverly designed a camper that sits atop a ute back and uses the ute wells from popular makes as the base. There are three versions. The GT Campers Hilux Expedition that sits on back of a well back Hilux and the GT Touring On Road Camper Trailer and GT Off Road Camper Trailer which we are reviewing here.

Bindaree Motel and Caravan Park by the river
Places to Go and Stay

Bindaree Motel & Caravan Park Review

On the shores of the bustling Murray River in Corowa, NSW, is the welcoming family owned Bindaree motel & caravan park, Located a 3.5 hour drive north east of Melbourne and a 35 minute drive from Albury, Corowa has a population of just over 5,000 people. […]