2018 Suzuki Vitara S Turbo 4WD Review

COTY Suzuki Vitara S 4WD Road Test

2018 COTY Suzuki Vitara S Turbo 4 f Entry level SUVs like the Suzuki Vitara S Turbo 4WD , are thick on the ground, so it’s important that old hands like Suzuki keep up with the crowd. Vitara has both two and four-wheel drive, manual and auto, and petrol and diesel drivetrains.

Two tone paint, red and black in our case, look great. Matched to 17” black wheels, 215/55 tyres give the exterior a bit of polish. LED headlights give the front end a touch of unexpected luxury.

For such a small SUV, Vitara is set very high. With 185mm ground clearance and a total height of 1610mm, it is easy to step in to without having to stretch or bend.

The tailgate raises high enough for all but the tallest users. Parking sensors all-round give the Suzuki a sense of ease when parking.

Smart entry/start is used via small rubber buttons on the front door handles, meaning the key can stay in your pocket for the duration.

2018 COTY Suzuki Vitara S Turbo 4 f

The cabin is surprisingly comfortable. There are plenty of bins, cubby holes, cup holders (2), and bottles holders (4).

There are 2 isofix, and 3 child-restraint points across the rear seats, which fold 60/40 from a single lever on the seatback on each side. It takes only a moment to achieve an almost flat rear cargo hold.

S Turbo comes with “sporty” red stitching and partial leather upholstery. The support is enough for most people, and I found particularly comfortable.

You won’t be driving Vitara like a sporty red hatch anyway, but you’ll still be able to have lots of fun. All instruments are easily useable without reaching, including the drive mode, and hill descent controls.

Steering wheel buttons are clearly laid out, as are the rest of the controls. There is both cruise control and speed limiting. Dash trim panels can be optioned with different colours to give the cabin a personal touch.


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